USM Grabs Medals at International Exhibitions

Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) has made history once again by winning 14 medals in three international exhibitions held recently in Germany and Poland.

Research teams representing USM took home seven gold, five silver and two bronze medals from the International Trade Fair Ideas-Invention-New Product (IENA) on October 27-30 in Germany, which was held alongside the International Federation of Investor's Association (IFIA) Exhibition, World Festival of Green Inventions and International Warsaw Inventions Show (IWIS) in Poland on November 3-5.

As well as gold, silver and bronze, USM took home the 'Eco Grand Prize ' award, a medal for ecology and three certificates of appreciation through participation in the IFIA 2011.

Head of Delegation of the USM, Assoc. Hanafi Ismail said, "USM has built its own brand in the research and the products that were to be based on sustainability and meet the specified quality during selection."

"Many products that were already filed for patents and high potential for commercialization."

Hanafi also participated in the competition with the invention of environmentally friendly plastic from a tropical fruit known as 'FruitPlast', for which he brought home a gold medal.

Among the other prizewinning products are:

NCmem: Indigenous biomedical Prof. lateral flow membrane. Abdul Latif Ahmad, Dr. Low Siew Chun, Dr. Syamsul Rizal Abd Shukor, Dr. Ooi Boon Seng, Assoc. Asma Ismail

Dr. MELIODOT enzyme Immunoassay. Zainoodin Sheik Abdul Kader, Assoc. Asma Ismail, Dr. Subramania Aiyar

Titano - an excellen water purfirer Assoc. Assoc. Srimala Sreekantan, Assoc. Zainal Arifin Ahmad, Khairul Arifah Saharudin

Eco-C: a new innovative composite from polystyrene waste Dr. Issam Ahmed Mohammed, Princess Nur Azizan Syazwani, Assoc. Assoc. Dr. Abdul Khalil Shawkataly

LignoZorp: a low-cost Adsorbent for Wastewater Treatment Assoc. Assoc. Dr. Mohamad Nasir Mohamad Ibrahim, Assoc. Assoc. Dr. Saime Wan Wan Ngah, Assoc. Dr. Wan Daud Wan Rosli, Norliyana Mohd Salleh Mohd Firdaus Bawadi

Genostick - a universal kit for rapid detection of PCR amplicon Dr. Lim Boon Huat, Assoc. Dr. Pattabhiraman Notes, Assoc. Dr. Manickam Ravichadran, Dr. Chua Ang Lim, Dr. Chan Yean Yean, Balqis Kamarudin, Elina Husni Tan

Published: 29 Nov 2011

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