Global identity management in order to enhance security and integrate both the physical and logical systems

Nispana’s “APAC Cyber Security Summit 2016 ( 2- 3 June 2016), successfully concluded today at the Double Tree, Hotel by Hilton at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in the presence of Mr. Christophe Durand, Head- Cyber Strategy, INTERPOL and Mr. Benoit Godart- Head of Outreach & Support, European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) EUROPOL.

On the opening day of the APAC Cyber Security Summit 2016, eminent personalities and industry experts presented very vital and visionary presentations which was appreciated by the wide range of 160+ delegates from the Asia Pacific region. It was indeed one of the largest cyber security gathering in Kuala Lumpur. Day 1 focused more on the aspects of cyber security which leads to creating cyber awareness. On the second day, the summit focused more on the technical aspects of cyber security with speakers presenting paper who represent top cyber solution providing companies.

The highlight of day 2 was the presentation by Mr. Benoit Godart- Head of Outreach and Support, European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) EUROPOL. Mr. Godart highlighted the challenges in law enforcement to fight against cybercrime. The attendees was also educated on the challenges in implementing IPv6 as discussed by Mr. Navaneethan C. Arjuman, Head of iNetmon Project, National Advanced IPv6 Centre. The summit also hosted Mr. Drew Donovan, Head of Safety and Security Division, ITU, (International Telecommunication Union).

Mr. Syahril Aziz, Managing Consultant- MyCrypto emphasized on how to succeed as a CISO. Day 2 of the APAC Cyber Security Summit 2016 had two elite sessions of presentations out of which the panel discussion was one of the most awaited sessions from the agenda. The summit came to an end with a panel discussion which discussed the speculations on whether “the next world war will be a cyber war”.

The APAC Cyber Security Summit 2016 concluded on a very exuberant note with a great number of contented attendees who gained much required clarity in the cyber security sector. The government organizations such as the Malaysian Royal Police, Malaysian Navy and the Malaysian Airforce expressed a very warm gratitude towards Nispana who researched and developed the APAC Cyber Security Summit 2016.