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Various flexible 3D structures produced by selective bonding technology
21 Oct 2019
DGIST Professor Sohee Kim’s Team developed a technology to produce 3D soft and flexible devices by blowing balloons made of polymeric thin films. Can be made in various 3D shapes... Expected to have diverse medical and biomedical applications.
Chair-professor Dae Won Moon in the Department of New Biology (left) and Research Fellow Jae Young Kim in the Department of Robotics Engineering (right)
09 Aug 2019
DGIST Research Fellow Jae Young Kim and Chair-professor Dae Won Moon’s team developed a mass spectrometric technology using graphene substrate and continuous wave laser without complex sample preparation. Expected to be used for precise medical diagnosis and surgery with easy high-resolution analysis image processing.
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29 Apr 2019
DGIST Senior Researcher Changsoon Choi’s team developed single-layer graphene based multifunctional transparent devices. Expected to be used in various devices such as electronics and skin-attachable devices with power generation and self-charging capability
Expanding the limits of Li-ion batteries - title
07 Aug 2018
Scientists at Tokyo Institute of Technology and Tohoku University have addressed one of the major disadvantages of all-solid-state batteries by developing batteries with a low resistance at their electrode/solid electrolyte interface.
Ultralow power consumption for data recording
24 Jan 2018
Researchers have made a discovery that could see a drastic reduction in power consumption for data recording.
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20 Apr 2016
Silicon-based films that are useful for waveguides have been made at temperatures low enough to be compatible with standard manufacturing processes.
19 Mar 2015
An oxide/carbon composite outperforms expensive platinum composites in oxygen chemical reactions for green energy devices
20 Aug 2014
Anticipated for applications in the development of "superplants" for radiocesium decontamination


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