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14 Mar 2022
Researchers aim to streamline the time- and resource-intensive process of screening ligands during catalyst design by using virtual ligands.
17 Feb 2022
In a recent study published in the journal ACS Catalysis researchers from Kanazawa University describe novel scanning electrochemical cell microscopy measurements to determine sites of photoelectrochemical activity in titanium dioxide nanotubes.
10 Feb 2021
Scientists have found catalysts that improve an important industrial reaction and make it more eco-friendly.
20 Nov 2020
A recent study, affiliated with South Korea's Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) has succeded in developing high-performance perovskite oxide catalysts, using late transition metal oxide materials.
14 Aug 2020
In catalytic reactions with organocatalysts, it is difficult to control radical reactions. We designed a thiazolium-type N-heterocyclic carbene catalyst having an N-neopentyl group. This catalyst was found to actively control radical reactions and enabled production of more than 35 species of bulky dialkyl ketones from an aliphatic aldehyde and an aliphatic carboxylic acid derivative through a radical relay mechanism. This catalyst is expected to open the way for acceleration of drug discovery research.
02 Mar 2020
A recent study, affiliated with South Korea's Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) has presented a new biofuel system that uses lignin found in biomass for the production of hydrogen.
ACS Catalysis, Catalyst, In Su Lee, POSTECH, School of Life Sciences, UNIST, Yoon-Kyoung Cho
26 Aug 2019
A recent study, affiliated with South Korea's Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) has introduced an artificial catalytic reactor that can take control of chemical reactions inside living cells, as desired.
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17 Apr 2019
A one-step method enables scalable and more environmentally friendly production of plant-derived plastic monomers, paving the way towards the mass production of a sustainable alternative to petroleum-based materials.
07 Feb 2019
New material used as an electrode of solid oxide fuel cell.
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17 Feb 2017
Dropping the carbon from a key battery component could finally enable long-life, low-cost grid-connected batteries for renewable energy storage.
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16 Nov 2015
Pd/NHC Catalytic system, developed in the Ananikov laboratory, targeted on alternative technology of chemical utilization of organic sulfur species from crude oil (DOI: 10.1021/acscatal.5b01815).
26 Aug 2015
Simulations show why platinum nanoparticles become less effective catalysts at small sizes
19 Mar 2015
A theoretical and experimental study could lead to improved catalysts for producing hydrogen fuel from waste biomass
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04 Mar 2015
Scientists in Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow describe a viewpoint on the perspectives of nickel catalysis. Chemical science is in need to replace more and more expansive metal catalysts with easier accessible alternatives. Finding an opportunity to employ non-precious metals would solve the problem and will ensure sustainable future.
Figure graphene
21 Dec 2014
Scientists in Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow have revealed a variety of transformations taking place on carbon surface under the influence of metal nanoparticles and microwaves.
hydrogen car
29 Aug 2012
The latest advance in imaging technology helps optimize catalysts for use in onboard fuel processing. A*STAR researchers have identified the subtle, atomic-scale structural transformations that can activate and de-activate gold nanoparticle catalysts, a finding that may lead to longer-lasting hydrogen fuel cells.


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