Advanced Functional Materials


15 Jan 2020
A new method could speed up drug discovery and lead to purer, side-effect-free medications.
02 Sep 2019
A recent study, affiliated with South Korea's Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) has succeeded in detecting a single ion using the approach through the interiors of the CNTs.
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08 May 2019
DGIST Professor Jae Eun Jang’s team developed high frequency signal transmission line technology which maximizes carrier concentration of graphene using graphene-amorphous carbon junction structure.
29 Apr 2019
Scholars from Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) have invented a new method which could speed up the drug discovery process and lead to the production of higher quality medicinal drugs which are purer and have no side effects.
Authors busy in the lab
10 Dec 2018
Helpful microbes inhale CO2 through a porous cylindrical electrode and exude useful chemicals.
Creation and Selective Functionalization of Virus-Like Polymer Particles
10 Aug 2018
Researchers at Tohoku University in Japan have collaborated with others to develop a simple way to create and functionalize virus-like polymer particles that have various nanostructures. The collaboration includes researchers from Michigan University in the USA and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany.
Transparent thin-film transistor graphic
04 Dec 2017
Large-area, two-dimensional semiconductors wired through transparent oxide conductors produce high-performance see-through electronics.
2D Materials Figure
06 Feb 2017
A simple model is shown to accurately predict the electronic properties of a combination of 2D semiconductors.
Figure 1
23 Nov 2016
A research team in South Korea developed electrodes that can measure biological signals. They can diagnose bio-signals such as brain waves, electrocardiograms, eye movements, and muscle activities in conjunction with Internet of Things (IoT) devices without additional analysis and measurement equipment.
08 Sep 2016
A Korean research team developed a mechanoluminescence color control technology that can change green light to red light by simulating the candy light-emitting principle.
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29 Jul 2016
The technology enables development of transparent flexible displays which can be transferred onto the skin at a low cost.
14 Jun 2016
A new understanding of why tungsten-doped thin films degrade so rapidly in air may lead to better designs for semiconductor technologies.
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14 Jun 2016
Smart threads can be woven into pressure-sensitive electronic skin for robots or medical prosthetics.
02 Jun 2016
A molecular probe has been developed that emits light at critical stages while destroying tumor cells.
04 Apr 2016
Combining quantum dots and organic molecules can enable solar cells to capture more of the sun’s light.
29 Jul 2015
A probe enables tumors to be investigated using complementary imaging techniques
Light-powered healing process
01 Jun 2015
Light-powered delivery of silver nanowires by photofluidic movement can offer rapid, noninvasive, repetitive, and on-demand healing of electrical conductors.
Formation of organic TFTs
20 Jun 2014
Japanese researchers have established a process for forming organic thin-film transistors (TFTs), conducting the entire printing process at room temperature under ambient atmospheric conditions.
27 Jan 2014
Groundbreaking passive sensing and energy harvesting technologies safeguard electrical engineering assets
02 Jul 2013
A MANA research team has developed a new nanofiber mesh which is capable of simultaneously realizing thermotherapy (hyperthermia) and chemotherapy (treatment with anticancer drugs) of tumors. They succeeded in efficiently inducing natural death (apoptosis) of epithelial cancer cells.
Oh Joon Hak
11 Mar 2013
Ulsan, South Korea 11 March - A research team from Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), South Korea have developed high-performance organic phototransistors (OPTs) based on single-crystalline n-channel organic nanowires. The research was published recently in Advanced Functional Materials.
10 Dec 2012
A method that boosts the contrast of high-resolution optical images has the potential to enable lithography at the nanoscale
Fluorescence image of breast cancer cells incubated with dye-loaded BSA nanoparticles
18 Jul 2012
Fluorescent dyes with aggregation-induced emission provide new probes for cancer diagnosis and therapy
12 Oct 2011
Advanced electronics beckon thanks to self-assembling templates that allow the creation of nanoscale features on silicon wafers
08 Aug 2011
Highly efficient organic light-emitting diodes are created by optimizing the molecular structure and device configuration
13 Oct 2010
Singapore, 6 July - New method creates super-thin, high integrity, continuous metal lines that surpass today’s semiconductor industry requirements.


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