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13 Jun 2010
Tokyo, 13 June - A research team in Japan has uncovered the mechanism underlying the antifungal activity of theonellamide (TNM), a bioactive compound found in a species of marine sponge. The finding provides new insights toward the development of antifungal drugs, with broader applications to drug analysis in areas such as cancer research.
14 May 2010
The presence of exotic particles, called spinons, might now be detectable in a magnetic field, providing insight into quantum magnet properties
14 May 2010
The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology’s Private University Academic Research Development Promotion Project is a project to ensure private universities become a foundation for research and development and a pillar for promoting development.
14 May 2010
"Research organizations", independently introduced by Waseda University, are the organizational framework meant to fulfill a general role, as well as to promote strategic research activity on the part of the university.
14 May 2010
The essence of the hardware design for TWENDY-ONE is “the softness of machines.” By adding softness to the skin and joints of the arms and trunk, it is possible to protect people from the shock of the unexpected conflict with the robot.
07 May 2010
A superconducting circuit that strongly interacts with light paves the way for optical computing schemes
23 Apr 2010
Theoretical simulations of protein structures using better computational methods provide important information on the biological functions that make life possible.
22 Apr 2010
Tokyo, 22 April - A research team at RIKEN has experimentally determined the mechanism underlying the formation of electron pairs in iron-based high-temperature superconductors. The landmark finding, reported in the April 23rd issue of Science, establishes a key role for magnetism in superconductivity.
Figure 1
18 Apr 2010
Tokyo, 19 April - A research team at RIKEN has succeeded for the first time in selectively controlling for reaction products in the dissociation of a single water molecule on an ultrathin film. The reaction opens the door to the creation of novel functional catalysts and applications in clean energy production.
16 Apr 2010
Mapping the shape and dynamics of a molecule’s outer electron cloud is now possible using a novel experimental technique
16 Apr 2010
On 19 January 2010, RIKEN and the Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science (MPG) signed a memorandum of understanding toward the establishment of a new joint center focused on research in chemical biology.
07 Apr 2010
A team headed by researchers at RIKEN and the Academia Sinica Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics has uncovered details explaining the growth of galaxy clusters, the largest gravitationally-bound objects known to exist, offering new clues about the evolution of our universe.
Figure 1
31 Mar 2010
Press Release - Electrons that carry orbital angular momentum are generated for the first time by researchers at RIKEN, Japan
26 Mar 2010
Initiated with the goal of spotlighting leading advancements in a given field, the RIKEN Conference series provides a unique opportunity for scientists to build and expand international networks for cutting-edge research.
26 Mar 2010
Using a simple glass capillary, atomic physicists at RIKEN are developing an ultra-narrow ion beam that pinpoints a part of organelles in a living cell, enabling biologists to visualize how the damage affects cell activities.
26 Mar 2010
Introducing additional complexity to a simulation gives researchers better insight into how cellular signaling networks might operate
05 Mar 2010
Geometric factors can have a strong influence on the seemingly random walk of objects across pores in a thin membrane
05 Mar 2010
The identification of a gene involved in steroid hormone signaling in plants could benefit agriculture and reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide
03 Mar 2010
* Agreement to establish a Joint Center with the Max Planck Society (MPG) * General agreement for cooperation with the Technical University of Munich (TUM)
26 Feb 2010
Long-predicted physical effects confirmed for the first time by a model system of strongly interacting electrons
19 Feb 2010
A microchip fabricated with femtosecond lasers at RIKEN allows the rare observation of microalgae behavior
12 Feb 2010
X-rays emitted from the remnant of a supernova provide clues to its explosive history
29 Jan 2010
Molecular fluorescence applied in an unconventional way allows the life-sustaining chemical reactions in genes to be observed in real time
15 Jan 2010
Combining design concepts produces a high-sensitivity detector that could enable greater exploitation of terahertz radiation
08 Jan 2010
Controllable quantum systems that allow us to better understand complex physical processes are now within reach
26 Dec 2009
A new terahertz light source and detector could open the way for the practical application of terahertz waves
18 Dec 2009
The joint symposium was held on November 12, 2009 at the RIKEN Wako campus and featured presentations by five visiting members of the UoL and five RIKEN researchers.
11 Dec 2009
Genetic analyses help decode symbiosis in the termite gut as a model for the highly efficient conversion of plant cellulose
04 Dec 2009
The plant hormone abscisic acid makes use of a surprisingly elegant and straightforward system to regulate its many essential functions
Fig 1
20 Nov 2009
Surprising complexity underlies the seemingly simple process of chromosome pair separation during cell division


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