Advanced Science


21 Nov 2008
The origin of superconductivity in iron-based materials can now be studied using a basic theoretical model
21 Nov 2008
The discovery of an inhibitor of the production of bone-resorptive cells opens new possibilities for regulating bone loss.The work is important because an excess of osteoclasts has been implicated in diseases like osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis and bone cancer.
21 Nov 2008
The first integrated database of terahertz data in the world opened on September 15 at RIKEN and the Next Generation Network Center at the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT)
14 Nov 2008
Terahertz (THz) radiation is currently attracting considerable interest for imaging and sensing applications, because it has the potential to supersede x-rays that are more damaging. A new near-field design for terahertz radiation detection promises high-resolution imaging devices on a chip
14 Nov 2008
Electrons underpin the functioning of devices used in personal computers, mobile phones, and digital cameras. Chief scientist Kato and members of the laboratory are taking advantage of molecular compounds made mainly of organic materials to create new superconductors and materials for electronic devices.
13 Nov 2008
In September 2008, the "dreamlike" LHC (Large Hadron Collider) was finally started after a 14-year construction process directed by high energy physicists. Like a science fiction fantasy, researchers re-created a state of the universe 0.000000000001 of a second after the universe was born.
07 Nov 2008
A RIKEN-led team has designed and constructed a high-resolution, computed tomography (CT) system that can visualize the motion and deformation of the heart, coronary arteries and small airways of live rats and mice, the animals most often used as models for human disease.
07 Nov 2008
Japanese plant biologists have provided the first molecular evidence that when plants are in combat with environmental stressors they are less able to battle invading pathogens.
31 Oct 2008
RIKEN scientists have developed a method for trapping and manipulating antimatter that could be key to solving one of the universe’s biggest mysteries.
24 Oct 2008
Substrate-induced strain can be used to switch an organic superconductor into an insulator that responds to the application of a voltage
17 Oct 2008
Two RIKEN researchers, Yasunobu Nakamura and Jaw-Shen Tsai, have jointly won the prestigious 2008 Simon Memorial Prize for their ground-breaking contributions to the development of low-temperature physics, in particular quantum computing.
17 Oct 2008
Ripples in the structure of graphene could be the key to understanding its unusual characteristics
10 Oct 2008
Chemical biology is a study that uses chemistry to explore life phenomena. This article reports on what is happening at the forefront of chemical genetics and chemical genomics, which are currently hot topics for both basic and applied research.
10 Oct 2008
Researchers in Japan have developed a design concept for a device that allows imaging at scales previously impossible for optical instruments.
26 Sep 2008
New man-made materials could produce unique chaotic motion in electron beams
22 Jun 2008
Members of the press are invited to the Press Conference on Occasion of the Signing of a Cooperative Agreement between UNESCO and Keio University on June 26.
08 Apr 2008
The two universities conduct collaborative researches in a broad range of fields, including organ transplantation, regenerative medicine, medical robotics, and genetic diagnosis technology.
18 Jan 2008
The RIKEN Plant Science Center in Yokohama hosted an international symposium on November 20 that focused on the use of African plant resources. The symposium was held under the auspices of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science and the Japan Science and Technology Agency.
23 Feb 2007
The National Institute of Physics, University of the Philippines (UP) has miniaturized the Oblation (UP’s trademark) as part of its project on micro-fabrication of functional micro-devices using non-linear multi-photon absorption. The research project aims to use micro-structures as components in an integrated miniaturized laboratory.
20 Feb 2007
Research on detection of microscopic defects in integrated circuits at the National Institute of Physics, University of the Philippines has been selected by Optical Society of America as one of the most exciting to emerge in 2006.
14 Jun 2005
The project seeks to create a software that can translate texts in the English language to Filipino and vice-versa.


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