Advanced Science


beetle antifreeze xylomannan
02 Mar 2012
An Alaskan beetle beats the cold using an unusual, natural antifreeze with a novel mode of action that scientists are beginning to unravel
24 Feb 2012
Researchers at the RIKEN-MIT Center for Neural Circuit Genetics have discovered an answer to the long-standing mystery of how brain cells can both remember new memories while also maintaining older ones.
electron beams
17 Feb 2012
A theory that accurately describes the properties of relativistic electron vortex beams will impact applications such as electron microscopy
03 Feb 2012
Derivation of equations that describe the dynamics of complex magnetic quasi-particles may aid the design of novel electronic devices
03 Feb 2012
Industrial chemistry is set to improve from novel rare-earth metal catalysts that reduce waste and improve aromatic bond-forming reactions
strontium barium manganite
27 Jan 2012
Demonstration of a rare combination of electric and magnetic properties in a now readily producible material could improve electronic memory devices
water molecules
27 Jan 2012
High-level spectroscopy and computer simulations of specially diluted liquids reveal the long-debated structure of air–water interfaces
DNA Probe
20 Jan 2012
A chemical probe that can differentiate between chemical tags adorning DNA could provide insights into how nature switches genes on and off
06 Jan 2012
Discovery of a molecular basis for type 2 diabetes reveals how fatty diets can interfere with control of blood sugar levels
16 Dec 2011
Modifications to chromosomal proteins help ensure that brain-specific sugars are produced only in the appropriate tissues.
cancer cells
09 Dec 2011
A newly developed group of fluorescent probes highlights cancer cells resistant to anticancer drugs
06 Dec 2011
Life Sciences, environment and engineering News from the Tokyo Science and Innovation Section 5 December 2011
hydride clusters
02 Dec 2011
Real-time x-ray measurements of remarkable rare-earth/transition metal clusters expose the secrets of storing and releasing hydrogen gas
02 Dec 2011
A single sugar molecule plays an outsized role in helping a glucose-transporting protein respond promptly to insulin signals
25 Nov 2011
Copper–carbene catalysts reveal the critical interactions needed to turn waste carbon dioxide into chemical feedstocks
18 Nov 2011
The development of electrolytic in-process dressing grinding more than 20 years ago set in motion a revolution in nanoprecision machining that continues today
11 Nov 2011
Electrically controlling the magnetic polarization of nuclei offers a new way to store quantum information
Flies exposed to heat stress
11 Nov 2011
Flies can pass the effects of stress to their young in the form of chromosomal modifications that alter expression of selected genes
electron micrograph
04 Nov 2011
Artificial atoms give insight into how real atoms interact with light in real time
Image Name
04 Nov 2011
Preparing chromosomes for cell division is a balancing act involving a tug-of-war between opposing molecular actions
21 Oct 2011
Elucidation of the structure of receptors that detect invading pathogens in moths could aid the diagnosis of infectious fungal diseases
14 Oct 2011
On September 9–10, the third Noyori Summer School was held at Kobe Port Island, home to the RIKEN Kobe Institute and the RIKEN Advanced Institute for Computational Science (AICS). The summer school, launched in 2009, provides opportunities for young researchers from around the world to meet RIKEN leaders and interact with one another.
14 Oct 2011
A bismuth-based semiconducting material could enable control of electron spin, a crucial requirement for advancing novel devices
07 Oct 2011
Improvements to specialized valves that separate spin and electron currents may lead to higher-density magnetic media
03 Oct 2011
Current flowing along the edges of a promising quantum device is insensitive to its magnetic impurities
03 Oct 2011
RIKEN invites applications for the position of Chief Scientist to lead a new laboratory working on The Advanced Science Institute (ASI). Applications from overseas applicants are welcome
Antihydrogen trap and detector
23 Sep 2011
The entrapment of antimatter for 16 minutes allows for tests of the foundations of physics
Protein production
23 Sep 2011
A method that rapidly unveils the mode of action of anticancer compounds could soon streamline therapeutic drug discovery
Reversible hydrogen addition
22 Sep 2011
Researchers at the RIKEN Advanced Science Institute (ASI) has shed light on a class of heterometallic molecular structures whose features point the way to breakthroughs in the development of lightweight fuel cell technology. The structures contain a combination of rare-earth and d-transition metals ideally suited to the compact storage of hydrogen.
09 Sep 2011
The ability to use magnetic fields to control a newly identified state of matter could enable more efficient memory devices


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