26 Mar 2020
In a recent study published in Autophagy, researchers at Kanazawa University show how abnormalities in a gene called TPR can lead to pediatric brain cancer
Professor Eun-Kyoung Kim in the DGIST Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences (left) and Seolsong Kim, an integrated M.S.-Ph.D. program student (right)
19 Sep 2019
Professor Eun-Kyoung Kim’s team in the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences discovered the mechanism underlying the regulation of energy metabolism by hypothalamic tanycyte. Proposed a new research direction to develop an enhanced obesity treatment.
27 Aug 2019
An international team of researchers, affilated with UNIST has identified a new gene that causes drug resistance against Novartis’s breakthrough cancer drug, Gleevec (Active ingredient: imatinib).
Professor Seong-Woon Yu in the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences at DGIST (right), Seonghee Jung in the M.S.-Ph.D. Integrated Program in the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences at DGIST (left)
09 Aug 2019
Chronic stress induces autophagic death of adult hippocampal neural stem cells (NSCs). Expected to offer new opportunities for development of early treatment options for stress-associated brain diseases.
17 Jan 2019
Korean researchers have identified the inhibition of autophagy in microglia, brain immune cells. It is expected to help develop treatments for Alzheimer’s diseases which occur due to the inhibition of autophagy.
Plants overcome hunger with the aid of autophagy
12 Mar 2018
Researchers at Tohoku University have found that plants activate autophagy in their leaf cells to derive amino acids that are used for survival under energy-starved “hunger” conditions. The findings show that amino acid utilization in plants can be controlled by the manipulation of autophagy.
Randy Schekman
25 Jan 2018
People should be able to read scientists’ research papers for free, and governments and universities should evaluate researchers based on the merits on their work, and not by which journals their findings are published in.
03 Apr 2017
A team in South Korea has opened a new horizon of aging recovery research by changing the irreversibility paradigm of aging. The research team was the world’s first to confirm that as cell aging progresses.
SCM research team
16 Feb 2017
A research team of the School of Chinese Medicine of Hong Kong Baptist University has discovered a novel autophagy regulator for the treatment of neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease and was granted a US patent for the study.
09 Feb 2017
This is Part 1 of an article written by Sang Chul Park, chair professor at Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science & Technology (DGIST) and the Well Aging Research Center in South Korea. Sang Chul Park discusses about aging revolution, pursuit for human longevity and well aging.
19 Sep 2016
Korean researchers show how our brain activates self-destruct mechanisms when it is low on energy to regulate appetite.
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16 May 2013
(Tokyo, 16 May, 2013) Researchers at Tokyo Institute of Technology report details on the biological mechanisms through which cells degrade own cellular material, allowing them to survive starvation conditions.
22 Jul 2012
A freely swimming jellyfish replica made from silicone polymer and rat heart cells is reported this week in Nature Biotechnology. The study, which advances a quantitative and system-level approach to tissue engineering, provides new insights into the design of muscular pumps.
Tobacco plant
10 Jul 2012
A study led by Associate Prof. Kenji Nakahara at Hokkaido University in Japan has found a component in tobacco that makes crop immune systems more resistant to viral attacks.
30 Jan 2012
Latest news from Nature and Nature journals 30 January 2012
19 Jan 2012
Latest news from Nature 19 January 2012
16 Jan 2012
Latest news from Nature journals 16 January 2012
11 Sep 2011
Summaries of newsworthy papers: The proteomes of embryonic stem cells and induced pluripotent stem cells; Curtailing cancer-induced epilepsy; Light squeezed in the search for gravitational waves; Human allergy-prone cells; Genetic variants associated with blood pressure traits and more
01 Jun 2011
In Nature China this month - Molecular neuroscience: Choosing your mate; Nanomaterials: Drip, drop, quantum dot; Public health: Better safe than sorry; Composites: Graphene foam.
17 Apr 2011
Summaries of newsworthy papers - Nature: Role of microRNA uncovered for HIV control; Medicine: A new target for chronic asthma; Physics: Quantum effects of gravity probed; Geoscience: The source of toxic mercury; Nature: Targeting RORs to ameliorate autoimmune disease; And finally…Materials: Killer carriers for malignant cells
10 Apr 2011
Summaries of newsworthy papers - Neuroscience: Learning to see; Chemical Biology: Antimicrobials from all sides; Methods: Simplifying stem cell culture; Geoscience: Tropical Pacific warms West Antarctica; Immunology: Inflammation drives diabetes
02 Mar 2011
Summaries of newsworthy papers - Astrophysics: How the Sun loses its spots; Climate science: Local impact of insolation on climate variation; Quantum physics: Another role for Bose–Einstein condensates; And finally… The double life of annelid worms.
23 Jan 2011
Summaries of newsworthy papers - Geoscience: Variable melting of Himalayan glaciers; Immunology: Antibody diversity linked to gut mucosal defense; Geoscience: Coal contribution to Permian extinction; Chemical Biology: An inhibitor sneaks in; And finally…Neuroscience: Strengthening memories during sleep.
12 Dec 2010
Summaries of newsworthy papers - Neuroscience: Synaptic loss in a mouse model for Alzheimer’s disease; Methods: Peering deep into the lung; Nanotechnology: Tissue engineering—how nanotechnology fits in; Geoscience: Heatwaves and soil moisture; Nature: The origin of Saturn’s rings
15 Aug 2010
Summaries of newsworthy papers include: Evaluating recovery to nervous system injuries; Explaining human allergy to nickel; Exome sequencing of a rare disorder; How to best sequence all of your RNA; The secret is in the pocket
19 Jul 2010
Summaries of newsworthy papers include: Skin patch delivers influenza vaccination; Lumiracoxib-related liver injury; Pathway linked to leukaemia progression; Uneven climate modification; Tracking oncology diversity; Following the expression of a single human gene
23 Jun 2010
Summaries of newsworthy papers include: An insight into blindsight; Portrait of an exoplanet; Coherent control comes to silicon; From fins came limbs; Nutrient supply and demand; A solid-state quantum memory for light
13 Jun 2010
Growing a liver; Ancient ocean on Mars; Exciting shift in the brain; Liquid-crystal gels meet living cells; Revised map of human hematopoiesis; Watching plants grow, cell by cell
21 May 2010
Inducing cells to destroy a misfolded protein alleviates the symptoms of Huntington's disease in mice


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