Journal of Biological Chemistry


27 Dec 2022
tRNA-MaP can rapidly analyze the specificity of tRNA m1A22 methyltransferase (TrmK) for substrate tRNAs.
28 Dec 2020
Investigations of a cellular protein have uncovered a possible link with schizophrenia.
11 Mar 2020
・A novel pathway of L-fucose metabolism was discovered in strictly anaerobic and pathogenic bacterium. ・The genetic context in bacterial genomes and the screening for potential substrates can help identify the biochemical functions of bacterial enzymes. ・No homologous pathway is found in humans or in probiotic bacteria.
09 Jan 2020
A small molecule could hold the key to tackling the protein build-up in nerve cells that occurs in several devastating neurological disorders.
Sema3d and PHPT
28 May 2019
Singapore researchers discover protein that protects parathyroid glands from excessive growth, suggesting potential drug-based strategies to treat hyperparathyroidism and other relevant tumours.
24 Sep 2013
Prof. Tamai's latest research examines how orange, apple and grapefruit juices affect the absorption of prescription drugs into the body. As Kanazawa's most cited professor, he has dedicated his career to study molecules and genes responsible for cardiomyopathy, muscle weakness, and Reye’s syndrome.
29 Oct 2011
“Reinforcement of microfibril rescues microfibril disorder of Marfan’s syndrome”.
08 Oct 2010
RIKEN molecular biologists have successfully reprogrammed adult rabbit body cells to form colonies of fully pluripotent cells that are highly similar to rabbit embryonic stem cells (ESCs).


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