14 May 2006
In celebration of the summer month of May, the UP Vargas Museum brings together artworks focusing on flower as subject. These are made by various artists in different styles and interpretations
04 May 2006
The time is 33 B.C., and the place is China. The Western Han emperor, in order to secure a treaty with the Huns, sent one of his many wives, a beauty named Wang Chao-chun (also known as Ming Fei), to the Hun leader, Hu Han-yeh (r. 49-33 B.C.).
28 Apr 2006
Intellectual Discourse is an academic, refereed journal, published twice a year by the International Islamic University. The journal publishes analytical/theoretical articles, review articles, and research notes on all aspects of Islam and the Muslim World.
27 Apr 2006
Sago bark wastes are recycled through a bio-composite method and utilized the natural features and beautiful surfaces into interior decoration products.
17 Apr 2006
The invention involves the use of new methods to allow the visually impaired to sense the embossed braille on a garment as a guide to identify the features of the textile product.
13 Apr 2006
Aged and weak patients, for instance, often face serious difficulty in putting on the hospital gown and tying up the strings (behind them), by themselves. This work won 2 prestigious certificates at the 2006 Geneva International Inventions Expo.
05 Apr 2006
The Four Faces of Woman Dance-Exhibit is a celebration of women’s achievements, strengths, and qualities in commemoration of International Women’s Month 2006, and also a significant way to usher in another milestone in the year following the centennial of the Philippine feminist movement. Pictures attached.
28 Mar 2006
Filipinas is a series of thirty photographs of a select group of women representing the arts, education, civil society and politics.
28 Mar 2006
In her recent research paper in the Journal of Research Practice, Toni Weller, a historian and information scientist, examines how history and science must recognize the fallibility of human knowledge, especially so as we enter the information age.
24 Mar 2006
The latest projects at KIEAS are Globalism, Regionalism and Localism in Asia, Influences of America’s Judicial Review in Asia, One Hundred Year since the Russo-Japanese War and Political Order in Southeast Asia; The Fukuzawa Center is a research institute to study modern Japanese history placing Yukichi Fukuzawa or Keio Gijuku in the eyesight.
21 Mar 2006
University of the Philippines Diliman celebrates International Women's Month
16 Feb 2006
Through the DMC, Keio University aims to transform the way knowledge is provided to society as well as to support the changing modes of intellectual interaction.
01 Feb 2006
The Shido Bunko investigates Japanese and Chinese classical materials at home and abroad, the collection and arrangement of materials is microfilmed and digitalized, and the research by the bibliographical method.
20 Jan 2006
Keio Research Center for the Liberal Arts was founded in July 2002 in order to search for the ideal form and contents of the “liberal arts” to pass down to following generations.
18 Jan 2006
The papers in this issue cover wide ranging topics including 3G wireless telecoms; the media and the pregnancy of Princess Masako; journalism in Japan; universal service - government vs. governance; the Japanese broadcasting market; Y2K and risk perception in newspapers
12 Jan 2006
This working paper deals with issues surrounding evolving cultural and religious practices and indigenous artefacts in the face of tourism and Christianity in Borneo (Sarawak, Malaysia).
11 Jan 2006
In this paper A. V. M. Horton, a specialist on Brunei history scans the registers of correspondence relating to Brunei (1906-34) held in the National Archives at Kew, UK.
10 Jan 2006
The IAHA is a loose network of historians and scholars whose geographic focus is Asia. Held every two years, the IAHA conferences provide Asian specialists an opportunity to come together and share the fruits of their scholarship.
06 Jan 2006
AIDS To Clinical Examination; Aids To Clinical Surgery; P. Ramlee di Cakera Nusantara; Dari Budaya Ke Media Mengangkat Suara Pinggiran di Sarawak; The Insects Of Borneo (including South East and South Asia); Physiology at a Glance
05 Jan 2006
IJAPS is a scholarly, multidisciplinary, internationally refereed publication focusing primarily on Asia (South, Southeast and East), Australasia and the Pacific Rim regions of the Americas (North, Central and South).
04 Jan 2006
For the past few years, the Institute has supported research projects on “Media Stereotyping,” “Power and Journalism,” “Internet Development and Civic Culture in Japan,” and “Content Distribution in the Asia and Pacific Regions.”
18 Dec 2005
The Institute investigates the nature of human cognitive capacities and socio-cultural interactions, adopting an interdisciplinary approach across humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences.
14 Dec 2005
Early humans were living in Britain as much as 700,000 years ago, according to a newly discovered set of flint tools that provides evidence that early human species journeyed across the Alps and into northern Europe much earlier than experts had suspected
04 Dec 2005
This is the first research in Malaysia and in the world that uses oil palm biomass as an ash glaze. Aside from being cost efficient, this glaze is also aesthetically pleasing compared to the usual commercial glazes.
16 Oct 2005
The conference will bring together scholars, researchers and practitioners working with language, communication, and culture across all fields of inquiry.
12 Oct 2005
Researchers describe the discovery in China of a bowl of beautifully preserved, thin yellow noodles that are half a metre long and about 4,000 years old.
29 Jul 2005
The Philippine Association for Home Economics in State Colleges and Universities (PAHESCU) Journal is now accepting articles/research papers for its April 2006 publications.
18 Jul 2005
The Vision and Praxis of Nothingness and Unity in the Spirituality of Chiara Lubich is a qualitative inquiry using the descriptive and evaluative methodology which takes into account the spiritual, theological and pedagogical dimensions.
12 Jul 2005
This study found that over time and constant communication, texters developed a unique Filipino style of texting. It also found that the texters' age, sex and work were main predictors of texting style.
14 Jun 2005
The project seeks to create a software that can translate texts in the English language to Filipino and vice-versa.


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Giants in history

Through her iconic stories featuring fictional scenes from the history of the Philippines, language teacher and academic Genoveva Matute (3 January 1915 – 21 March 2009) helped strengthen the Filipino identity.
Hwang Hye-seong (5 July 1920 – 14 December 2006) was an expert on Korean royal court cuisine, the knowledge of which she dedicated her career to keeping alive. Formerly an assistant professor of nutritional science, Hwang met the last kitchen court lady in the Joseon Dynasty Han Hui-sun and, from her, learned about the culinary traditions of the royal court.