Dr. Alexander J. Klemm

University professor with 20 years of experience in Thailand's secondary and higher education sectors.
  • Asst. Prof. at King Mongkut's Institute of Technology, Ladkrabang
  • Licentiate in English Literature and Linguistics; PhD in Media and Communications
  • Executive Director of the Southeast Asian Media Studies Association (seamsa (dot) org)
  • Managing Editor-in-Chief of the Southeast Asian Media Studies Journal (seamsa (dot) org)
  • Main research areas include 1) the representation of Southeast Asian countries in Western films and novels, 2) intercultural communication, and 3) media literacy education


Selected publications

Klemm, A. The Asian Journals Network: Establishing a New Research Identity in the Humanities and Social Sciences. Southeast Asian Media Studies Journal. 4.2 (2022): 57-74.

Klemm, A. Representations of Cold War Thailand in U.S. Army Documentaries and British Pathé News Reports 1955-1967. The Asian Congress for Media and Communication Journal. 6.1-2 (2019): 35-65.

Klemm, A. Thailand as a Foreign Film Production Destination: Developments and Challenges from 2016 to 2018. Southeast Asian Media Studies Journal. 1.2 (2019): 1-18.

Klemm, A. Thailand in the European Cinematic Imagination: The Phenomenon and Legacy of Emmanuelle (Fr 1974). The IAFOR Journal of Cultural Studies. 4.2 (2019): 71-93.

Klemm, A. The Beginnings of European Filmmaking in Siam. Malaysian Journal of Media Studies. 21.1 (2019): 31-48.

Klemm, A. Foreign Film Production in Thailand from 2003 to 2015. International Journal of Cultural and Creative Industries. 5.1 (2017): 58-69.


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