Bethesda CAM Research Center

Herbal Educators comes to you from the Bethesda CAM research centre, a non-profit, youth-focused organization dedicated for the popularization of CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine especially Siddha & Ayurveda) and further more to provide authenticated information about all CAM aspects. This Bethesda group is creating awareness regarding CAM and Child Welfare by online classes & publications, conducting many medical camps and herbal exhibits. It also provides both theoretical and technical expertise for herbal pharmaceuticals and individuals interested in more natural ways of living.

Although the main focus lies in CAM, equal importance is being given to Child Health and Welfare. Preference is being given to children and their issues (literacy, street children, child prostitution, child labor - which is prevalent in this part of the world) in all the awareness programs and free Health camps.


Mrs. T. Sweety Nirmala, M.F.A.,
Email: [email protected]

Chief Consultant
Dr. Thomas M. Walter, M.D(s),
Mail to: [email protected]

Dr. A. Anitha Devi, B.S.M.S.,
Mail to: [email protected]


i) Dr. Leo M. Jeyaraj M.D., F.R.C.A.
Mail to: [email protected]

ii) Dr. G. Essakky Pandian M.D(s).
Mail to: [email protected]

iii) Dr. M. Allimuthu, M.D(s)
Mail to: [email protected]


11/21, Raja Rajeswari Nagar (South)
NGO "B" Colony,
Tirunelveli - 627007