Dr. Brian Kot Chin Wing

Dr Brian Kot is a registered diagnostic radiographer and veterinary imaging researcher in the City University of Hong Kong.

Brian joins the Department of Infectious Diseases and Public Health and the Department of Chemistry, City University of Hong Kong as an Assistant Professor in Diagnostic Imaging in July 2021. He is generally interested in questions relevant to Diagnostic Imaging, Postmortem Imaging, Forensic Science, Medicine and Pathology, Conservation Medicine, Environmental Science, and have expertise in applying various diagnostic imaging tools to clinical and forensic practice for marine conservation and policy decisions, which allows the use of aquatic animals as sentinels of ecosystem health, working towards a ‘One Ocean-One Health’ ideal.

Currently, his team applies diagnostic imaging on captive aquatic animals for health assessment, as well as virtopsy routinely in stranded cetaceans and sea turtles in Hong Kong and adjacent waters to investigate their biological health profiles.


Certificate course in virtopsy (postmortem radiology),University of Zurich (2016)
PhD in Diagnostic Imaging, Hong Kong Polytechnic University (2010)
BSc in Radiography, Hong Kong Polytechnic University (2005)

Research Interest

1. Diagnostic imaging for aquatic wildlife health and diseases surveillance investigation and biological profile evaluation
2. Vascular Imaging: Imaging markers to identify risk factors leading to stroke and other cerebrovascular and cardiovascular diseases


Selected publications

BCW Kot, DKP Chan, HLA Yuen, HCL Tsui. Diagnosis of atlanto-occipital dissociation: Standardised measurements of normal craniocervical relationship in finless porpoises (genus Neophocaena) using postmortem computed tomography. Scientific Reports 2018;8:8474.

BCW Kot, HLA Yuen, FHM Wong, CL Tsui. Morphological analysis of the foramen magnum in finless porpoise (genus Neophocaena) using postmortem computed tomography three-dimensional volume rendered image. Marine Mammal Science 2018 (Early view).

DKP Chan, CL Tsui, BCW Kot. Database documentation of marine mammal stranding and mortality: current status review and future prospect. Diseases of Aquatic Organisms 2017;126(3):247-256.

HLA Yuen, CL Tsui, BCW Kot. Accuracy and reliability of cetacean cranial morphometrics using computed tomography three-dimensional volume rendered images. PLoS ONE 2017;12(3): e0174215.

XY Yu, BCW Kot, YJ Hao, D Wang. Influence of extended photoperiod on the seasonal rut pattern of testicular morphology in the captive male Yangtze finless porpoises (Neophocaena asiaeorientalis ssp. asiaeorientalis). Zoological Studies 2016;55:24.

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