DGIST Professor Sang-yun Han Received Young Scientist Award at the PIERS 2024

DGIST Professor Sang-yun Han Received Young Scientist Award at the PIERS 2024

□ Professor Sang-yun Han of the Department of Robotics and Mechatronics Engineering at DGIST (President Kunwoo Lee) won the “Young Scientist Award” at the Photonics and Electromagnetics Research Symposium (PIERS) 2024. This award is given to researchers under the age of 40.


□ PIERS is an esteemed international symposium in the fields of photonics and electromagnetics, organized annually by the Electromagnetics Academy since 1989. Professor Han was selected as the winner, recognized for his contributions to the development of large-scale photonic integrated circuits through low-power silicon photonics technology.


□ Silicon photonics is a technology that enhances the processing speed of semiconductor circuits using light. This technology is essential in various fields, including data centers, artificial intelligence (AI), and quantum computing. Professor Han developed a technology that reduces the standby power of silicon photonics chips by over one million times compared with existing technologies. Moreover, in December 2023, his research was published in Nature Photonics, a leading journal in the field of photonics. These significant contributions to the development of photonics and electromagnetic research led to his winning this award.


□ Professor Han at DGIST stated, “I am delighted that the importance of low-power silicon photonics technology, researched with my students, has been recognized.” He added, “We will strive in future research efforts to make significant contributions to scaling and reducing power consumption in data centers, AI, and quantum computers.”


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