Editor's Choice: Interstellar broadband, and a big media splash

ARN's August 2021 newsletter features research about cancer-killing nanoparticles, a more powerful radio receiver tuning into space, good tiger news, and more. We also check in with a research team to find out what it was like to be the center of media attention.

Quantum physics helps destroy cancer cells

Researchers have found a way to enhance radiation therapy using novel iodine nanoparticles.
New radio receiver opens wider window to the universe

The receiver covers a much wider range of frequencies and can simultaneously detect radio waves from many types of molecules in space.

Interstellar broadband

Good tiger news

Tigers could come roaring back in an unlikely place: northeastern China. Several actions are required to achieve the goal of 300 Amur tigers across four forested landscapes.

55 and counting

Multidirectional pressure sensor

Traditional pressure sensors only detect force in one direction. This 3D printed conductive composite can sense in multiple directions.

It does temperature too

Beyond the Journal
The science of communication

In the glare of the media spotlight

News about a toilet that pays users in digital currency and converts their waste into power and compost attracted ~250 news articles in 32 countries. 

How is the team coping with the attention?

Electricity generated drop by drop

Harnessing the energy in waves, tides and raindrops has remained elusive because conventional technology does not efficiently convert low-frequency kinetic energy into electricity.

Now one drop of water lights 100 LEDs

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