Eight Faculty Members Honored with 2019 Outstanding Faculty Awards

Eight faculty members, affiliated with South Korea's Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) have been honored with the 2019 Outstanding Faculty Award.

The 2019 Outstanding Faculty Award ceremony took place in Main Admin. Bldg., UNIST.

Eight distinguished members of the faculty at UNIST have been honored with the 2019 Outstanding Faculty Award. This group is composed of highly accomplished faculty from a wide variety of disciplines and areas of expertise.

The ceremony to recognize these distinguished faculty members took place in Main Administration Building of UNIST on March 31, 2020.

Each year, UNIST faculty are recognized for their outstanding contributions in the areas of research, industry-academic cooperation, and education. Candidates for the awards in each category are to be selected for recommendation, and awarded after careful deliberation. This year, a total of eight faculty members―Research (4), Industry-Academic Cooperation (1), and Education (3)―were honored for their service to their students and the excellence they exhibit in their respective fields.

The 2019 Outstanding Faculty Award in the Research category was awarded to Professor Jongeun Lee (School of Electrical and Computer Engineering), Professor Jung-Woo Yoo (School of Materials Science and Engineering), Professor Sung Phil Kim (School of Energy and Chemical Engineering), and Professor Daejin Kim (School of Business Administration). The esteemed faculty for excellence in Industry-Academic Cooperation include Professor Hyun Jong Yang (School of Electrical and Computer Engineering). The honorees in the Education category this year include Professor Sung You Hong (School of Energy and Chemical Engineering), Professor Se Young Chun (School of Electrical and Computer Engineering), and Professor KwanMyung Kim (Graduate School of Creative Design Engineering).

Professor Jongeun Lee, who received the Outstanding Faculty Award in the area of research, has been consistently publishing in some of the best academic conferences, selected by the Korea Information Science Society. Professor Dae-Jin Kim plays an active role in the Northeast Asia Oil Hub Project, while serving as director of UNIST Center for International Energy Trading.

The 2019 Outstanding Faculty Awards are being presented by President Yonghoon Lee.

Professor Jung-Woo Yoo and Professor Sung Phil Kim were recognized for their strong scholarly and innovation output, which includes publishing in the top 3% of journals. Professor Yoo has received much attention for his work on the development of a new magnetic device. Professor Kim is active is the field of brain science, and thus has been participating in the Next-generation AI Research and Development project, carried out by the Ministry of Science and ICT.

Professor Hyun Jong Yang has been given the award in the industry-academia cooperation category in recognition of his achievements with EgoVid, a startup company known for developing privacy-preserving artificial intelligent that gathers and analyzes big data without using personal sensitive data. Professor Yang has shown outstanding achievements in both the academic and industrial worlds, which include exploiting new fields of personal information protection and AI, as well as presenting papers at related academic conferences.

Professor Sung You Hong has been given the award in recognition for excellence in providing high-quality lectures via the development and implementation of specialized class models by being involved in the customized course design programs at the U-Education Innovation Center. Professor Se Young Chun, who takes the lead of IT track has been given the award for his contribution to improving the AI programming curriculum within the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Professor KwanMyung Kim has been contributing to fostering practical talents through Creative Innovation-based Advanced Design Manpower Cultivation Project. In particular, Professor Kim was highly praised for creating a stable employment and entrepreneurial environment for its students, which include receiving world’s design awards and applying to register patents and design rights.

The 2019 recipients for the Outstanding Faculty Award include:

  • Jongeun Lee, Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering (Research)
  • Jung-Woo Yoo, Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering (Research)
  • Sung Phil Kim, Associate Professor of Energy and Chemical Engineering (Research)
  • Daejin Kim, Associate Professor of Business Administration (Research)
  • Hyun Jong Yang, Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering (Industry-Academic Cooperation)
  • Sung You Hong, Associate Professor of Energy and Chemical Engineering (Education)
  • Se Young Chun, Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering (Education)
  • KwanMyung Kim, Associate Professor of Creative Design Engineering (Education)