Giants in History: Julian Arca Banzon

The biochemist who developed alternative fuels from sugarcane and coconuts 

Julian Arca Banzon (13 March 1908 - 13 September 1988)


Julian Arca Banzon (13 March 1908 – 13 September 1988) was a biochemist from the Philippines who was a pioneer in alternative fuel research. Banzon investigated the use of indigenous crops as sources of renewable fuels and chemicals. He researched the production of ethyl ester biofuels from sugarcane and coconuts and developed new methods for extracting oil from coconuts using chemicals. The findings of his research contributed to the growth of the food, chemical commodities and biofuel industries. Banzon was also the first director of the Philippine Atomic Research Center (now the Philippine Nuclear Research Institute) and served as the chairman of the division of chemical and pharmaceutical science of the National Research Council of the Philippines from 1972 to 1973.     

Philippine Atomic Research Center(now Philippine Nuclear Research Institute)
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