Mr. Nishchal Baniya

Currently a research assistant in the laboratory of green energy in Zhejiang University of Technology.

I am Nishchal Baniya, a 22 years old, junior chemical engineering student at Zhejiang University of Technology, China. Born and raised in the multicultural city of Hetauda, Nepal. I am a child of the reunification of science and humanities. Uniting the world in its diversity and connecting to our brothers and sisters beyond its constructed borders is the quintessence of my very existence. I love planning, executing, monitoring programs and strategies that seek to intervene or accompany to make a difference in the lives of a myriad of people through the inclusion of multi-stakeholders in order to strengthen collaboration, breakdown silos and create an integrated value chain with the aim of reflecting a greater sense of shared responsibility for humanity’s future. On the principles of equality, solidarity and diversity and innovation, I have worked and led countless organizations both at national and international level as mentor, advisor, chairperson, executive director and so on including the country office representative of the International Youth Council, the official youth led body of the United Nations. Currently, I am working as a research assistant in the laboratory of green energy in my university and am a published author and an editorial assistant in the reputed North American Academic Research Journal. I currently serve as a youth leader and a young professional in over 20 national and international organizations. For my exceptional leadership skills, I was conferred with the Best Chief Executive Officer in South Asia by the International Youth Council and for my voluntary services during the time of COVID 19, I was honored with “Global Humanitarian Award” by a UK based non profit organization called, “World Humanitarian Drive”. Overcoming prejudices and breaking down barriers through exchange and cooperation build the core of my social activism. Coming from a combined academic and professional background in science, leadership, non-profit, innovation, business development, and executive roles, my field of expertise, research and interest span from the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), such as Quality Education, Gender Equality, Economic Growth, innovation and partnership, sustainable cities and infrastructure and more. I am passionate about Public Diplomacy, creating practical cross border cooperation between individuals, businesses, NGOs and governments and i always try to remain proactive to develop, learn, experience, and explore new ventures and take on the new challenges


You can find my professional details in my CV:


  • 28/06/2020 – Global Humanitarian Award by World Humanitarian Drive
  • 05/05/2018 –  Friendship Award at the 4th Rotaract-UNESCO Adventure Camp and Cultural Exchange ( Nepal and Bangladesh )
  • 24/12/2017 – The Best Chief Executive Officer in South East Asia by International Youth Council
  • 19/01/2021 – Young Scientist Award by Meetings International

Selected publications

  • North American Academic Research Journal by TWASP Nishchal Baniya, “Conversion of Ligno-Cellulose to Biofuel” North American Academic Research 2(9) 113-125.2019
  • 2019 North American Academic Research Journal by TWASP Nishchal Baniya, Juwer Ansari, Nabin Neupane, Akshyama Aryal, Pratik Baral, Sabin Dotel, “Water Treatment: Enhancing Chlorobenzene Biodegradation by Delfia tsuruhatensis Using Water- silicon Biphasic System” North American Academic Research 2(11) 359-370. 2019
  • 2020 North American Academic Research Journal by TWASP Dr. Siddhartha Manandhar, Dr. Prami Nakarmi, Nishchal Baniya: A Novel Coronavirus Emerging in World - Key Questions for Developing Countries and Under Developed Countries: Nor. Am. Aca. Res. 2020 : 3(2) : 473-497
  • 2020 North American Academic Research Journal by TWASP Nishchal Baniya: Advances in Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering: Innovation and Transformation of Medicine : Nor. Am. Aca. Res. 2020 : 3(02) 473-497


Undergraduate Student
Department of Chemical Engineering and Technology
Academic discipline: