Understanding clinical interoperability as a clinical practice problem, not IT/IM problem

Exchanging patient information between different healthcare IT systems is critically important, and FHIR is the global industry standard for this.


Graham Grieve - Speaker at HIMSS AsiaPac19

Known as the ‘Father of FHIR’ and an experienced healthcare interoperability consultant, Grahame Grieve is FHIR Product Director at HL7 International. He has a background in laboratory medicine, software vendor development, clinical research, open source development and has also conceived, developed and sold interoperability and clinical document solutions and products in the Australian market and around the world.

Grahame shares some updates on the current developments for FHIR and is increasingly convinced that clinical interoperability is not an Information Technology/Information Management (IT/IM) problem, but a clinical practice problem which you can read more about here.