UNIST Once Again Sweeps Samsung Humantech Paper Awards

South Korea's Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) has received 1 Gold, 6 Silver, and 2 Special awards at the 25th Samsung Humantech Paper Awards ceremony.

13 UNIST students were honored at the ceremony of the 25th Samsung HumanTech Paper Awards, held on February 13, 2019.

Thirteen UNIST students have been recognized for their excellence in academic and research work at the 25th Annual International Samsung Human-Tech Paper Awards ceremony.

This year’s award ceremony took place in Samsung Electronics Seocho Building on Wednesday, February 13, 2019. Among the many eminent individuals, the following UNIST students were presented with 1 Gold, 6 Silver, and 4 Bronze, and 2 Participation awards.

Jungho Lee (Advisor: Professor Changduk Yang) was bestowed with the Gold award. From left are President Mooyoung Jung of UNIST and Jungho Lee.

At the awards ceremony, Jungho Lee (Advisor: Professor Changduk Yang) in the School of Energy and Chemical Engineering was presented with Gold award within the category of ‘Energy & Environment’. He was given the award in recognition of his latest research on the development of organic solar cells with over 11.11 % efficiency through the use of unique properties of organic compounds. The new battery raised many hopes and expectations for the commercialization of organic solar cells.

Jungho is currently working on the commercialization of organic solar cells. Organic solar cells are cheaper, lighter, and more flexible than silicon-based ‘inorganic solar cells’. Thanks to their outstanding optical properties, organic solar cells are expected to be used as an alternative energy source in the areas, such as windows and walls, cell phones, laptops, and more.

“My esteemed colleagues and friends at UNIST, I really appreciate your support in this endeavor,” says Jungho Lee. “But mainly, I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to my advisor Professor for his guidance and support.” He adds, “Through my studies at UNIST, I will make a constant effort to achieve the world’s highest photovoltaic efficiency.”

Daeseong Choe, E-San Jang, Minkyung Kim, Soyeon Lee, Subin Choi, and Seyeon Yoo were presented with the Silver awards.

In addition to the Gold award, six meritorious students were bestowed the honor of being named the recipients of Silver awards. These include Daeseong Choe (Advisor: Professor Jung-Woo Yoo), E-San Jang (Advisor: Professor Kyung Rok Kim), Minkyung Kim (Advisor: Professor Jae Sung Lee), Soyeon Lee (Advisor: Professor Kyung Tai Min), Subin Choi (Advisor: Professor Cheol-Min Park), and Seyeon Yoo (Advisor: Professor Jaehyouk Choi).


Juyeol Bae, Nam Khen Oh, YeJin Kim, and JuYeop Kim were presented with Silver awards.

Another four were bestowed with Bronze awards, which were Juyeol Bae (Advisor: Professor Taesung Kim), Nam Khen Oh (Advisor: Professor Hyesung Park), YeJin Kim (Advisor: Professor Oh Hoon Kwon), and JuYeop Kim (Advisor: Professor Jaehyouk Choi). Furthermore, HyunAh Lee (Advisor: Professor Jeong Beom Kim) and Ye Chan Kim (Advisor: Professor So Youn Kim) were awarded with the Participation awards.


HyunAh Lee (Advisor: Professor Jeong Beom Kim) and Ye Chan Kim (Advisor: Professor So Youn Kim) were presented with the Participation awards.

“Human-Tech papers are evaluating practicality with excellent achievement in each field,” says President Mooyoung Jung. “The reason why UNIST has achieved excellent results is that it emphasizes the quality of research.”

Established in 1994, this competition recognizes an elite cadre of creative young researchers who through competition have demonstrated excellence in research. Approximately 1,500 papers are submitted each year, yet only a small percentage of papers are selected for the prestigious prize.

The recipients of the 25th Annual International Samsung Human-Tech Paper Awards are listed below.

The recipients of the 25th Annual International Samsung Human-Tech Paper Awards.

Published: 27 Aug 2019

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