Tokyo University of Science (TUS) agrees Academic Cooperation Agreement with Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

The Tokyo University of Science signed an Academic Cooperation Agreement with the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences to proceed research collaboration in various fields.

On November 14th, 2006, the Tokyo University of Science (TUS) and Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS) conclude an Academic Cooperation Agreement.

TUS and BAS will engage in academic cooperation including the following:

Exchanges of research personnel
Graduate student exchanges
Joint research activity
Participation in seminars and academic conferences
Exchanges of publications, academic materials and other information

At present, two joint research projects have been agreed among the researchers. The first, Professor Yukihiro Ishii, Department of Applied Physics, and Professor V. Sainov, Central Laboratory of Optical Storage and Processing of Information, agree to investigate together with other research collaborators the laser-diode holographic recording and interferometry. It deals with holographic recording and high precision interferometric measurement, optical and digital processing of interference patterns for the needs of scientific investigation and practice. The main task for the future investigations and practical application of interferometric system is connected with automated processing of interference patterns for fault detection and features recognition. Second, Professor H. Terada, Director of Drug Delivery System Research Center and Professor K. Troev, Institute of Polymers, agree to work together for investigating polymetric anticancer drugs as an efficient drug delivery system. The research objectives are the preparation and investigations of polymetric anticancer drugs and involve the synthesis and studies on phosphorus containing polymers with tailored composition and properties that are suitable for drug carriers and immobilisation of low molecular weight anticancer substances.

The BAS, founded in 1869, has 70 research institutes, with more than 200 registered members including honorary and overseas members.
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Published: 15 Dec 2006

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