Journal of Indian Academy of Forensic Medicine

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JIAFM (Journal of Indian Academy of Forensic Medicine)
Year 2004, Volume-26, Issue-4 (October-December)
Print ISSN : 0971-0973

Table of contents

From Editor's Desk

Tsunami – A horror of nature

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) the malady and the law
Dr. Harinder Singh, Dr. Rani Walia, Dr. R. K. Gorea, Dr. Annu Maheshwari

A study of wrist ossification for age estimation in pediatric group in central Rajasthan
Dr. Ashutosh Srivastav, Dr. P. K. Saraswat, Dr. S. K. Agarwal, Dr. P. Gupta

Changes in the levels of vitreous potassium with increasing time since death
Dr. Vishal Garg, Dr. S. S. Oberoi, Dr. R. K. Gorea, Dr. Kiranjeet Kaur

Unnatural deaths in Northern India – A profile
Dr. B. R. Sharma, Dr. Virendar Pal Singh, Dr. Rohit Sharma, Dr. Sumedha

Road safety at cross-roads
Dr. E. Ravi Kiran, Dr. K. Muralidhar Saralaya

Case Reports
Conversion to Hijrah (EUNUCH) – Is it need based or a crime
Dr. J. S. Dalal, Dr. R. K. Gorea, Dr. Hakumat Rai, Dr. Ashok Chanana, Dr. Paramjeet Kaur, Dr. Gurmanjit Rai, Dr. A. D. Aggarwal, Dr. Shilekh Mittal, Dr. Rahul Chawla

Sudden death – A case of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
Dr. S. S. Agarwal, Dr. Chetan Choksi, Dr. Iliyas Sheikh

Ethylene dibromide poisoning homicide or suicide
Dr. V. K. Sharma,Dr. A. K. Sharma, Dr. D. K. Satpathy

Book Reviews
Text Book of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology (Principles and Practice)
Dr. Chander Mohan