12 Jun 2020
COVID19 is teaching us several new lessons and also preaching us to learn from the past experiences.
11 Feb 2020
New Delhi – To tackle the escalating problem of antimicrobial resistance, a new collaboration platform was launched in New Delhi, India, on 11 February. The platform, initiated by Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI), will bring together actors from civil society, governments and the pharmaceutical industry. It could mean a major breakthrough for the responsible manufacturing of antibiotics and reduce the risk of the industry itself contributing to the spread of antimicrobial resistance.
Bamboo House
18 Oct 2019
Bamboo, lime and mud are traditional materials being used innovatively in southern India to rebuild homes that can withstand the impact of recurring floods.
optical nanotweezers
16 Sep 2019
Researchers from the Indian Institute of Science develop a new “tweezer in a tweezer” concept for controlling nanoparticles in fluid with light.
07 Aug 2019
Sexual violence against women and girls in rural India remains a largely unaddressed, hidden issue.
02 Aug 2019
Rising global temperatures will increase the frequency and severity of heat waves in India. This increase has a considerable impact on the health of vulnerable communities and the rate of fatalities in the region.
16 Jun 2009
Under this Joint Fellowship Scheme, the Centre will sponsor up to five scientists during the year for short-term affiliation at ICCBS for a period of up to ~3 months.
16 Jun 2009
Under this scheme, the Centre will sponsor up to five scientists during the year for short term affiliation at ZMT for a period of up to 3 months.
05 Feb 2008
Natural products, including plants, animals and minerals, have been the basis of treatment of human diseases and have been exploited for human use for thousands of years. This new publication is a collection of 25 selected papers in Natural products
05 Feb 2008
This new publication by the NAM S&T Centre exposes the difficulties of agricultural output, faced by mostly dry and saline parts of the world due to scarcity of clean water and fertile land for crop production.
05 Feb 2008
The Group of 77 (G-77) have approved a multi-lateral collaborative project on ‘Sustainable Rainwater Harvesting and Ground Water Recharge in Developing Countries - HRD and Technology Transfer’ for implementation by the NAM S&T Centre
03 Jan 2008
The Centre for Science and Technology of the Non-Aligned and Other Developing Countries is offering three Fellowship schemes aimed at supporting deserving young scientists and researchers in developing countries. Applications are invited for the year 2008.
18 Jun 2007
The recommendations from the International Roundtable on Lightning Protection include designing protective devices suitable to local conditions, more research in high frequency earthing systems and protection technologies, country wide networked lighting detection system and an International Institute for Lighting Protection and Safety.
09 May 2007
The Centre for Science and Technology of the Non-Aligned and Other Developing Countries (NAM S&T Centre) has two Fellowship schemes aimed at supporting the deserving young scientists in developing countries.
22 Apr 2007
Lightning is a natural hazard that causes serious economical losses and personal injuries and deaths in many parts of the world. The International Roundtable on Lightning Protection is designed with the view of meeting and addressing various issues related to lightning protection.
15 Apr 2007
Microelectronics is the cornerstone of the information technologies that pervade virtually every aspect of contemporary life. This publication contains contributions from renowned experts and status reports on the subject from several developing countries: Cuba, India, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Turkey.
11 Apr 2007
In line with its resolute efforts to promote south-south cooperation, the NAM S&T Centre has instituted two Fellowship schemes aimed at supporting deserving young scientists in developing countries.
17 Jan 2007
Amongst the recommendations are on sharing of information and examples of best practise, investment in mapping and forecasting, protection of cultural and natural heritage, strategic and life-line infrastructure endangered by natural disasters, restraint in producing unvalidated maps and higher priority for early warning systems.
31 Dec 2006
If properly exploited with the modern tools of science, the developing countries can increase their foreign exchange considerably from exports of products from medicinal plants and can also provide modern healthcare to the entire section of the vast rural population of these countries.
22 Nov 2006
In order to provide to the specialists and professionals from the developing countries a platform for an interactive dialogue, the NAM S&T Centre is organising a 5-day International Roundtable, jointly with the Centre for Disaster Mitigation & Management (CDMM) and Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT)
22 Nov 2006
Many developing countries are at the crossroad in understanding the implication of new policy contexts and create S&T policies that are interlinked with production and service sectors, competition and other national public policies.
15 Nov 2006
Around 60 percent of the world population reside in this Asia Pacific region, where 50 percent of the world’s disaster was recorded during past past two decades. This publication aims at identifying areas of mitigating flood, cyclone and storm surge disaster.
08 Nov 2006
The social and economic development of a country is closely linked with the understanding and application of science and technology by its people. Science centres and museums play a vital role in communicating basic scientific information to the people and help them make informed choices.
03 Nov 2006
Scientific benefits to the member countries of the Centre For Science And Technology Of The Non-Aligned and Other Developing Countries include participating in policy decision, financial support, news dissemination and many more
25 Oct 2006
This paper presents accounts of the major developments in the Indian commodity, exchange rate and financial derivatives markets, and outlines the regulatory provisions that have been introduced to minimise misuse of derivatives.
03 Oct 2006
International conference on S&T Policy Research and Statistics, International Roundtable on Lessons from Natural Disasters, Policy Issues and Mitigation Strategies, International Roundtable on Lightning Protection, International workshop on Medicinal Plants and Herbal Medicine
26 Sep 2006
Three new papers from Indian Journals tell us about the best time to harvest for herbal drug purposes, zinc recovery from polluted waters and the occurrence of Shiga toxigenic Escherichia coli in livestock and poultry in north-eastern India
21 Sep 2006
Activities in the latest technologies in Cement Manufacture & Construction, Plant Tissue Culture, Herbal Medicine, Surface Engineering Technology, Wireless Technology & MEMS, Prediction of Monsoon, Science Centres & Museums, Pharmaceuticals & Neutraceuticals, Crop & Forage Production using Saline Waters in Dry Areas and Coastal Ecosystems
01 Sep 2006
Induction of women in Indian mining is a non-traditional activity, and consequently there is a tendency to downplay the fact that women constitute an important segment of the workforce. This paper overviews the Indian Mines Act (1957) for providing employment to the women miners and investigates the daily employment of women in mines.
30 Aug 2006
India needs to rekindle people's entrepreneurship qualities particularly when it is at the threshold of becoming a leading economic power in the globalisation era. This paper gives many good examples of social entrepreneurship in India.


24 Nov 2011
Academicians, researchers, scientists, policy makers and implementers, and government officials working in the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology in the developing/developed countries, are invited to participate in this international workshop.
12 Oct 2011
This conference educates the engineering and scientific community on the need for lightning protection and safety, proper ways of lightning protection and maintenance and the current international issues and trends with regard to lightning protection, safety and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
09 Aug 2011
4-days International Conference on the Potentials of New and Advanced materials for Developing Economies in Abuja, Nigeria
06 Dec 2011
The much awaited environment and wildlife biennial international competitive film festival and forum, CMS VATAVARAN is back. Film entries are invited from Indian and International filmmakers for 2011 festival focusing on biodiversity conservation.
11 Oct 2010
The Centre for Science & Technology of the Non-Aligned and Other Developing Countries (NAM S&T Centre) jointly with the National Science Centre and (MOSTI), announces a 4-day International Workshop on Science Centre in Promoting a Knowledge and Innovative Society for Sustained and Responsible Growth in Developing Countries.
02 Aug 2010
In order to discuss the current status, opportunities and trends of industrialisation and employment generation in villages, and creation, innovation and management of micro-enterprises in rural areas through the application of science and technology, the NAM S&T Centre announces the organisation of an International Workshop.
29 Sep 2009
The workshop is aimed at facilitating the sharing of information on various aspects of land degradation, exchanging the country specific information about land degradation, land use decisions and environment, seeking possibilities for cross country projects among NAM members and promoting scientist-to-scientist contact and interactions.
17 Nov 2009
Municipal water supply in most cities is unreliable and many villages in the developing countries do not have potable water supply. In this regard Rainwater Harvesting (RWH) seems an ideal sustainable solution.
18 May 2009
This international workshop aims at bringing together different researchers and academicians in the developing countries in the fields of nanotechnology and nanoscience.
10 Mar 2009
NAM S&T Centre jointly with the Uganda National Academy of Sciences (UNAS) is this roundtable. The current meet is a point in the direction whereby an efficient use of existing resources along with their sustainability is interwoven along with critical aspects relating to biodiversity.
14 Dec 2008
To become leaders in science and technology, the developing countries need to draw upon the talents from all sections of society, including the women with special interest and aptitude in science.
24 Jun 2008
Cleaner production involves persistent approach to prevent pollution, reduce the use of energy, water and material resources and minimize waste in the production process. This workshop will bring together experts to discuss diverse environmental strategies to increase eco-efficiency and minimize energy consumption.
24 Jun 2008
This workshop will be instrumental in bringing together the experts to discuss diverse environmental strategies targeted to cause increase in eco-efficiency and minimizing energy consumption in their respective regions / sub-regions.
16 Apr 2008
Land degradation affects more than 1900 million hectares of land word-wide, including 65% of the region’s agricultural land. This international event will bring together experts from different fields to facilitate sharing of information on various aspects of land degradation.
25 Feb 2008
It is envisaged that this scientific programme will serve as a platform for experts, policy makers and other Government officials to share experiences and chart appropriate course to promote the science centres as the agents of change in the developing world.
20 Sep 2007
Hanoi, Vietnam - Experts and scientists interested in participating in the Workshop are required to submit their nomination form by 14th August 2007. The selection of the participants will be strictly based on merit and quality of the extended abstracts of the presentation material to be submitted along with the completed Nomination Form.
22 May 2007
Lightning causes serious losses, injuries and deaths. In South and East Asia, Africa and South America the problem is even more severe due to the high occurrence density of lighting, the large population and the rapid and unplanned industrialization. Lack of information and awareness are barriers hindering the development of protection systems.
09 Apr 2007
The objectives of this course are to ‘Exchange country information on Micro and Nano electronics and Photonics, Acquaint participants on the current and next generation devices and Deliberate on North-South and South-South collaboration to develop this sector in the developing countries.
08 Jan 2007
Natural disasters, almost in every case, do offer a new, live laboratory to test our ideas on the whole range of issues from policy formulation to people’s participation. The Roundtable would provide an opportunity to the participants to discuss these issues through case studies, simulated exercises and exchange of information
08 Nov 2006
The conference is aimed at broadly addressing the present S&T policies being followed in various countries with the degree of success and also exploring the possibility of coordination among developing countries on S&T policies.
01 Jul 2006
The seminar aims at highlighting the strategic initiatives taken by in the field of e-publishing & promotion of Indian Publications
12 Apr 2006
The seminar aims at highlighting the strategic initiatives taken by in the field of e-publishing and promotion of Indian Publications, in order to provide a global exposure along with national recognition, in the larger interest of Academicians, Societies & Publishers.
14 Mar 2006
Incoroprating Seminar on 'Transgenic Plants: A Challenge to Natural Farming and Nature Survival' on March 14, 2006.
06 Sep 2005
this conference will bring together international speakers and delegates to discuss the latest developments in nanotechnology for healthcare
03 Jan 2006
93rd Indian Science Congress on "Integrated Rural Development:Science and Technology" from 3-7 January, Hyderabad, India


Janhavi Dave is the International Coordinator of HomeNet South Asia.