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Alternatives to animal experiments in teaching and research; Ischaemia – Implications in veterinary surgery; Osteomedullography of tibia in dogs; A radiological study on barium enema in goats; An unusual intestinal foreign body in a tom cat and many more

Indian Journal of Veterinary Surgery
Year : 2005, Volume : 26, Issue : 1
Print ISSN : 0254-4105.

Editorial: Alternatives to animal experiments in teaching and research

"The alternatives to animal experimentation have been widely accepted as humane educational aids and teaching approaches that can replace harmful animal use or complement existing humane education. These include computer software, student self experimentation, models, manikins and simulators, ethically source animal cadavers and clinical work with animal patients. Advances in technology and the ethical and financial advantages of alternatives have led to curricular changes and establishment of alternatives as norm in many institutes in developed parts of the world. In our country, we are yet to make determined beginning. Whatsoever little has been done is due to the faculty's interest in a few institutes. There is need to develop non-animal alternatives, which need to be validated before recommending them for larger use. Government and other non-government organizations working for the welfare of animals should provide financial support for such endeavours." (To read more, please click on the link below)

Research Articles:

Ischaemia – reperfusion injury: Implications in veterinary surgery
D.B. Patil, N.H. Kelawala and P.V. Parikh

Radiographic evaluation of iohexol and diatrizoic acid dihydrate as intravenous pyelographic agents in dogs
J.K. Mahawar, T.K. Gahlot, P. Bishnoi and Gajendra Rajpurohit

Clinicophysiological and haematobiochemical effects of epidural ropivacaine in uraemic and healthy caprines
K. Singh, P. Kinjavdekar, Amarpal, H.P. Aithal, A. Gopinathan, G.R. Singh, T. Singh, A.M. Pawde and K. Pratap

Osteomedullography of tibia in dogs: An experimental study
Rajbir Singh, S.K. Chawla, A.P. Singh, Rishi Tayal and S.M. Behl

Hypertrophic osteodystrophy in growing dogs: A clinical study
R.B. Kushwaha, H.P. Aithal, Amarpal, P. Kinjavdekar, A.M. Pawde and G.R. Singh

Clinico-biochemical effects of electro-acupuncture in goats
S. Jaiswal and Amresh Kumar

Short Communications:

Clinico-histochemical evaluation of an indigenous formulation (Canisep® cream) for its wound healing potential in goats
Amresh Kumar, L.L. Dass, Samir Sahay and T. Anwar

Treatment of infected cutaneous wounds with seabuckthorn (Hippophae sp.) in bovines: A histopathological study
Amit Mahajan, S.K. Sharma, R.K. Asrani, A.C. Varshney, S.P. Tyagi and Amit Kumar

Clinico-histochemical evaluation of honey as a topical wound healing agent
Amresh Kumar, L.L. Dass, Samir Sahay and T. Anwar

Comparison of punch and mesh skin autografts of tail skin in dogs
S. Dehghani, B. Majidi and A.R. Najafpour

Studies on reversal of clinico-physiological effects of xylazine with yohimbine in dogs
M. Kandpal, N.S. Jadon, A. Kumar and S. Kumar

Evaluation of analgesic effect of preemptively administered piroxicam and ketorolac tromethamine in bitches after ovariohysterectomy
Vinay Singh, R.S. Bisla, Kuldip Singh, Jit Singh and Anoop Sahu

Clinico- physiological effects of epidural buprenorphine in combinations with bupivacaine, xylazine or ketamine in dogs
Y.K. Sharma, S.S. Pandey, S.K. Pandey and R.K. Sharma

Biochemical effects of epidural centbucridine with xylazine or pentazocine in dogs
Shobha Bhannaria, M.K. Bhargava, S.K. Pandey and A. Kushwaha

Anaesthetic protocol for pigeon undergoing orthopaedic operation
S.N. Dehghani, M. Mohammadi and H. Nadda

Clinico-surgical analgesia after electrostimulation of acupoints in caprine
S. Parai, Amresh Kumar and N.S. Jadon

Evaluation of sodium carboxy methylcellulose in minimizing induced jejunal adhesions in buffalo calves
H.M. Thakker, D.B. Patil, N.H. Kelawala, P.V. Parikh and R.R. Parsania

A radiological study on barium enema in goats (Capra hircus)
B.P. Chhadha and T.K. Gahlot

Ultrasonographic evaluation of reproductive tract in buffalo
Bhoopendra Singh, C.V.S. Rawal, M. Hoque and R.K. Sharma

Efficacy of disinfectants on inanimate objects in operation theatres
S.K. Dahiya, Kuldip Singh, Anshu Sharma and Subhash Chander

Copper sulphate in veterinary practice
S.P. Mouli

Clinical Articles

Inguinal hysterocele in a bitch
Vivek Malik, Deepesh Kumar, Sheshman, R.P. Pandey and Bharat Singh

Surgical management of tendo-achilles injuries in three cows
V.P. Chandrapuria and Apra Shahi

Successful treatment of iatrogenic division of digital flexor tendon in an Ongole bull
S.P. Mouli

An unusual abdominal hernia associated with ectopic liver in a neonate lamb
A. Meimandi Parizi and A.A. Mahjoor

Diagnosis and management of canine urolithiasis-A clinical study
Kuljit Singh, M. Raghunath and J. Mohindroo

Haemato-biochemical changes in cases of obstructive urolithiasis in dogs
A.K. Sharma, I.V. Mogha, G.R. Singh, Amarpal and H. P. Aithal

Surgical management of explosive injuries of face and oral cavity in dogs
S.P. Tyagi, Amit Kumar and A.C. Varshney

Diagnosis of intracranial tumour by CT in a dog
S.K. Nandi, D. Ghosh and S. Hazra

Fibroadenoma in ear canal of a dog
A. Anand, S.S. Singh, S.K. Mahajan and H.S. Banga

Cryosurgery for squamous cell carcinoma in a deer
I. Nath, V.S.C. Bose, H.K. Mohapatra, S.K. Panda and A.T. Rao

Surgical retrieval of Dioctophyma renale in a dog
M.S. Mir, A.A. Khan, M.M. Saleem, H.M. Khan and S.S. Hussain

An unusual intestinal foreign body in a tom cat
H.K. Sharma, P. Rana and R. Rathee

Repair of lacerated third eye lid in a lion (Panthera leo)
Dilip Kumar Das and G. Srinivasa Murthy

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