4th Tokyo University of Science International Collaboration Workshop (TUS-ICW)

The Tokyo University of Science held the Fourth International Collaboration Workshop for three days from Tuesday, December 8 to Thursday, December 10 at the Hotel Metropolitan Edmont in Iidabashi, Tokyo.

This workshop is a component of the "roject for Establishing Science & Technology Educational Bases in Accordance with Comprehensive International Cooperation" adopted as part of Japan's Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's "Project for Establishing Core Universities for Internationalization [supporting joint international cooperation (comprehensive strategy)]". This project aims to foster unique educational and research ties with the University of California and other collaborating universities.

Building on the success of the previous three workshops, the fourth workshop was expanded in terms the schedule and number of invited universities. During this three-day event, lectures in such fields as nano and materials science were given by some 34 instructors and researchers from the Tokyo University of Science and the collaborating universities. On the second day a poster session was held in order to introduce the various laboratories at the Tokyo University of Science, as well as the overseas universities eager to strengthen ties. This allowed for a lively exchange of opinions from various viewpoints.

Also, on Friday, December 12 a collaboration coordination meeting was held involving faculty from the Tokyo University of Science and the various University of California schools in order to strengthen future collaboration.

We are confident that this workshop, just like the previous three, will serve as a valuable launching pad for future educational and research exchanges among the participants. Tokyo University of Science will continue to actively promote joint international educational programs.

Workshop Posters (PDF)

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