PUTRAJAYA, 21 July – The Ministry of Higher Education has announced Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) as one of the top four public institutes of higher learning (IPTA) to retain the Research University (RU) title.

The other three who managed to retain the prestigious title are Universiti Malaya (UM), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), and Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), as declared officially on July 20th, recently.

The accomplishment relies on four main aspects, which are the human capital; publication, patent, and intellectual properties, and the generation of revenue as reviewed during the reassessment made on April 5th to 6th recently.

The Vice Chancellor of UPM, Prof. Tan Sri Datuk Dr. Nik Mustapha R. Abdullah said the University’s key success in retaining the title is due to everyone’s commitment and contribution in improving the Quantity and Quality of Research as well as the Quantity of Postgraduates.

“With this declaration, it is my great hope that UPM community will thrive in their services and to ensure that the RU will remain intact for this four years to come,” he said.

One of the key factors why UPM successfully retains the RU title is the fact that UPM produces employable graduates and it is a point of reference for novel ideas and knowledge.

UPM’s recognition along with the other three varsities will elevate its status as a role model to other IPTA and IPTS particularly in research and development (R&D) thus setting off the R&D activities and collaboration with commercial industries.

The recognition also defines liberty for the University to carry out research activities to improve the quality of life and generating wealth in full throttle.

UPM has the potential to become the country’s centre of excellence especially in key areas by producing high impact research publications and to attract the best experts for learning and research, which in turn will produce quality graduates.

With the RU status, UPM has the high potential to produce local and international postgraduates that are able to contribute significantly towards the nation’s K- workforce.

The involvement of international postgraduates will certainly heighten the country’s image in the process of internationalization, research and education as a whole.

Published: 12 Jan 2011

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