UPM Engineering Students in 4th Malaysian Chem E-Car Competition

Based on a ‘Future Alternative Fuel for Sustainability’ theme, two groups of Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) students secured second place for Model Car Invention and poster production categories

A group called ‘KOST’ of Engineering Faculty comprised of Shalinee Yap Chai Hua, Koh Sin Su, Ooi Koh Yoong and Tey Yee Yang successfully invented a fuel-cell based KOST car model by electrochemical alternative energy manipulation.

Meanwhile, CNY group from the same faculty with its four members- Gan Woei Hwa, Gan Tian Boon, Sek Shin Tan and Foong Wai Hoo produced a poster that depicts energy sources, chemical reaction that moves car, unique car features, car design and also security, environmental and luminous aspect.

Senior Lecturer of Chemical and Environmental Department, Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Dayang Radiah Awang Biak said the competition put students’ knowledge to a test on ways to manipulate chemical reaction base.

“The competition provides pre-graduate students the chance to reveal their creativity and knowledge in designing a chemical powered model car.

“It examines students’ precision in producing a consistent reaction while considering all related factors and finally diminishes minor factors,” she said in a telephone conversation.

She said precision in producing accurate measurement led to the success.

Research on the design of the RM1, 000 model car began last year and the improved concept used by the students who have participated previously in the same competition.

She said the CNY group managed to produce a contemporary innovation even though they failed to win the first place in the Model Car Performance competition.

Dr. Dayang added that CNY is the only group to create a half dried cell using a exceptionally creative alternative.

The fourth time competition was held at Universiti Kuala Lumpur on March 5 and was organized in collaboration with the Institute of Malaysian Engineers and based on ‘Future Alternative Fuel for Sustainability’ theme.

Prepared by Media and Publicity Section, Corporate Communication Division, UPM.

Published: 25 Mar 2009

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