3D Printing in Singapore: the Future of Manufacturing

As a fast-evolving market with enormous growth potential across numerous sectors, there has been increasing worldwide attention in 3D Printing. The Economist has forecasted 3D Printing to be the 3rd industrial revolution, due to prospects of thriving into a new type of manufacturing industry.

Co-founder Alex Pui, CEO Fang Kok Boon and NTU Mentor Professor Chua Chee Kai with Blacksmith Genesis 3D printer cum scanner

3D Printing, or Additive Manufacturing (used interchangeably), has evolved well over the past 30 years since the 1980s. Opposed to conventional manufacturing such as machining, casting and moulding, 3D Printing allows the production of complex configurations and the flexibility to accommodate changes conveniently. Rapid changing industrial demands can now be met without incurring additional tooling costs and with less material wastage.

As a fast-evolving market with enormous growth potential across numerous sectors, there has been increasing worldwide attention in 3D Printing. The Economist has forecasted 3D Printing to be the 3rd industrial revolution, due to prospects of thriving into a new type of manufacturing industry.

Singapore has, likewise, identified 3D printing as a new growth technology and enabler for future manufacturing, tapping on projected global industry growth and developing technology-intensive skills catered to Singapore’s unique interests as a knowledge-based economy.

• New Research Centre on the Block: Singapore Centre for 3D Printing (SC3DP)

With a funding of more than $150 million from National Research Foundation (NRF), Economic Development Board (EDB), Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and industry partners, the Singapore Centre for 3D Printing (SC3DP) has been established on 1 December 2014. The Centre aspires to be the world’s leading research institute in 3D Printing to achieve prominent and outstanding breakthroughs in the research and development of innovative 3D printing technologies, processes and materials. This will be done through attracting leading researchers to the Centre, nurturing a skilled talent pool, as well as establishing strong linkages with and delivering state of the art and innovative solutions to the industry. The centre will also consolidate NTU’s existing competencies and strengths in 3D Printing, including a $30 million research centre, NTU Additive Manufacturing Centre (NAMC), funded by Singapore’s Economic Development Board.

The Centre also houses world class facilities with industry-aligned research focused on novel material properties, 3D Printing technology innovation, database development for metal 3D Printing and non-metal 3D Printing technologies.

Through close collaboration with major industry partners, SC3DP aims to harness, strengthen and expand Singapore’s 3D printing capabilities in four key areas, namely: 1) Aerospace and Defence, 2) Building and Construction, 3) Marine and Offshore, and 4) Future of Manufacturing.

• On track with 3D Printing: Establishing key partnerships with industry leaders

The centre is keen on establishing strong partnerships with key industries, seeking collaborations in joint labs and industry projects. In 2014, SC3DP (formerly NAMC) signed a joint agreement at its 1st International Conference on Progress in Additive Manufacturing (Pro-AM),with SLM Solutions Group AG, a leading provider in metal additive manufacturing technology, to establish a $4.8 million joint lab.

Recently on 16 May 2015, SC3DP established a Joint Research Lab with UL, a global safety and quality science leader, to improve the safety and quality of 3D printed parts and products. Due to the rapid adoption and number of ongoing initiatives to introduce 3D printing technology into classrooms, the partnership’s first project will be research to support the standardization of safety and quality requirements for placing of 3D printers in schools.

• World of 3D Printing: 2015 Singapore International 3D Printing Competitions

As an advocate for innovation and creativity in the adoption of 3D printing technologies, SC3DP has launched its 3rd run of Singapore International 3D Printing Competitions, following the first two years of success. There were a total of 30 entries from 7 countries for the open category in the 1st year of competitions in 2013, with the themes of Abacus and Fashion. In 2014, 2 more categories were added for students (junior colleges and below, and tertiary level) and the 2014 competitions saw an almost 3-fold increase to 86 entries for the two themes of Jewellery and Architecture.

This year’s competitions celebrate the past with themes of vintage toy and look to the future by seeking a functional logo design for the SC3DP. Under each theme, there are 3 categories, with a top prize of $10,000 for the Open Category, and $5000 each for the Singapore School Student Category and Singapore Tertiary Student Category. The 2015 competitions saw a total of 119 entries from 7 countries.

Details on the competitions can be found in the website below: http://sc3dp.ntu.edu.sg/NewsnEvents/Pages/News-Detail.aspx?news=bd4a7acf...

• Visit us on the SC3DP website and join us today!

With the aim of training up to 100 PhD students and 27 full time researchers over the next 10 years, as well as seeking exciting collaborations with the industry, SC3DP is on the lookout for talented and dedicated researchers, experienced business development managers and technical specialists to join the centre. The centre is also interested in outstanding candidates with keen research motivations to apply for our PhD in 3D Printing and scholarship programmes.

Visit the SC3DP’s website today to:
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UL-SC3DP Joint Lab Signing Ceremony on 16 May 2015

2015 3DP Comp