29 Apr 2006
Implementing rational drug use: A success story; Exploring Indian medicinal plants for antiulcer activity; Development of new incretin drugs; Activity of some medicinal plants against certain pathogenic bacterial strains The role of pharmacologists: Present and future; Research defence society
29 Apr 2006
Papers include - Ageing male and testosterone; Is India ready for subspecialization and group practice? Analysis of prostate cancer; Should the aspirin be stopped before trans-urethral surgery? Role of needle biopsy in solid renal masses: When does the pudding require a proof? Traumatic dislocation of testis.
29 Apr 2006
If we take the success story of Punjab in introducing and developing forensic nursing in the state it can be role model for the development of forensic nursing anywhere in the world.
26 Apr 2006
Rapid treatment and isolation of not just infected cases but also their household contacts will be the key elements of an effective strategy to beat a future influenza pandemic, report researchers who have simulated the spread of such an outbreak in both Great Britain and the United States.
20 Apr 2006
The first system, mPADI is an intelligent mobile system which has the ability to diagnose 6 types of paddy diseases commonly found in paddy fields. The 2nd project is the mobile Intelligent Thalassaemia Diagnosis System (mTADI).
18 Apr 2006
There will be a media briefing on the Partnership and the two research projects at the Friendship Hotel, Bai Shi Qiao Road, Haidian District, Beijing on Tuesday evening, April 25th, 2006, 5.30 – 6.30PM. IDRC representatives and key national officials and researchers will be available for interview by the press.
16 Apr 2006
Typhoid is a major public health problem caused by the bacteria Salmonella typhi and transmitted via food. The current method for diagnosis of typhoid carriers takes 2-7 days, has low isolation rate and labour intensive. This EZTYPHI Carrier DNA kit will be able to do this in a single tube within 3 hours and is cost effective.
14 Apr 2006
Unlikely to infect people; Bird flu, rates, oil pose risks Asia’s growth; Outbreak in Myanmar raises alarm; Viet Nam can’t be over-confident; Restoring wetlands key..; Britain's method questioned; Egypt - 12th case; Indonesia's 33rd case; Thailand 'clean' but spreading; China, markets worry; Bird flu seen unlikely in Japan sparrow deaths
13 Apr 2006
Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC) is pleased to announce its support of the Asia Research Partnership on Pandemic Influenza. Pandemic experts, scientists and Asian national granting councils will meet in Beijing, China, on April 24-26 to formalize the Partnership.
12 Apr 2006
A new idea about why the experimental antibody drug TGN1412 had devastating effects on humans that had not been seen in animal tests is put forward in an exclusive special news report by Nature this week.
09 Apr 2006
3 bird flu cases confirmed in Burkina Faso; Indonesia bird flu death confirmed; Cat bird flu risks 'overlooked'; Germany confirms bird flu in fowl; Bird Flu reaches UK; Egypt Says Third Person Dies of Bird Flu
06 Apr 2006
Global medical network presents wide-ranging initiatives for improving public health worldwide
03 Apr 2006
Nature Publishing Group (NPG) announced today that it will be opening two new divisions - NPG India, based in Gurgaon, and NPG Latin America/Spain, based in Mexico City. Along with the recently transformed NPG Nature Asia-Pacific, the new organizations will focus on publishing initiatives in their respective regions.
26 Mar 2006
Malaysia will become the first country in the world to implement requirements, which will make herbal medicine product testing at par with any modern medicine marketed in the world today.
24 Mar 2006
In a study published online this week by Nature, researchers report that they have isolated stem cells from the adult mouse testis that exhibit properties similar to embryonic stem (ES) cells.
24 Mar 2006
Egypt reports 2nd human case; Blame Big Farms; Israel in mass cull; Uganda equipped with machine; Malaysia has 3rd state infected; Study finds two separate strains; Bird flu kills five in Azerbaijan; Big Threat To Biological Diversity - UN ...;China Turns Over Samples to WHO; African Conference Fails to Discuss Human Infection; Pakistan confirms..
22 Mar 2006
Researchers show how to make a good thing even better by modifying a popular system for protein labelling and modification to reduce the risk of unwanted cross-reactions; Stanford University scientists have modified a popular strategy for imaging studies in live animals, making possible a much broader range of biochemical visualization experiments
21 Mar 2006
Sea cucumber, Stichopus chloronatus is effective for combating various types of ringworm infections. This novel extraction method produces powdered extract that can easily be used to formulate into cream, ointment, lotion or solution.
16 Mar 2006
India battles bird flu, virus kills Azeri dog; Denmark finds first case of H5; Bird flu threat highlights disaster-planning flaws; Banks told to prepare for bird flu; The Treatment of H5N1 Avian Influenza Report; Animal rights and avian influenza;
15 Mar 2006
Azerbaijan reports 3 deaths; Dutch start voluntary vaccination; Novavax Shares Up; Hungary gets go ahead; Bird Flu Plans Require $30.5 Mln More for 2007; Global avian influenza control project receives US$1 million grant; Generex Biotechnology to Present Its Avian Influenza Vaccine; Cats And Avian Influenza, Defra Urgently Seeking Further ...;
10 Mar 2006
Africa 'needs fund'; Azerbaijan tests 11 people; Albania culls 2,000..; Norway tests dead ducks; Serbia confirms 1st case; European scare adds cats, dogs; Japan to help; China - 10th Death; Bird Flu Found in Weasel-Like Animal; Bird flu would ravage Asian markets; Poorest forgotten in compensation; Indonesia-Japan venture launches vaccine;
09 Mar 2006
Three commentaries responding to a call for legalized organ donation are published online this week by Kidney International, the official journal of the International Society of Nephrology.
08 Mar 2006
The Seoul National University Investigation Committee investigating the work of the disgraced cloning pioneer Woo Suk Hwang has found that Snuppy - the Afghan hound unveiled by Hwang's team as the world's first cloned dog - is genuine.
08 Mar 2006
WHO urge studies on cats; Ministers of Black Sea countries meet; Jurong Bird park's birds vaccinated; Foie gras endangered; Poultry faeces likely cause of spread; Dutch postpone vaccination; Israel sends aid to Nigeria; Virus in China Not Infectious; French Consumers Cut Consumption; Hong Kong to Cut Chicken Population; Researchers Make Strides
04 Mar 2006
Despite progress in maternal-fetal medicine, preterm birth is still one of the most complicated problems in modern obstetrics.
02 Mar 2006
A military-style network of laboratories for the avian flu is proposed; The earthquake that unleashed the tsunami in the Indian Ocean forces some rethinking about how and where such giant earthquakes might occur; The application of neutral theory of biodiversity to real-life data is raising new questions and problems.
27 Feb 2006
Theme of the Issue : Neonatal Screening and Interventions
27 Feb 2006
Bird flu in Switzerland; Factory farms behind spread; Bird flu kills swans in France; Romania suspects man…; A chicken fest…; Outbreak Reported in Russia..; outbreak possible, warns China; India's poultry industry hurt; Indonesia records 20th fatality; Germany confirms three more cases; "Don't confuse human influenza with bird flu"


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