18 Jan 2006
Summaries of newsworthy papers from Nature Vol.439 No.7074 Dated 19 January 2006 including Listen up, our ears used to be used for breathing; Hunt for hormone machinery bears fruit; Icy frustration
18 Jan 2006
Turkey fails to stop Bird Flu; EU, Roche increase commitment; Bird flu claims 2nd sibling; Call for global effort; Bird flu could cost insurers $US133 bln; Children Seen at Risk..; Cyprus guards against bird flu, wants more drugs; Drug firm ups WHO donation by 2 million doses; Global conference aims to pool financial resources on curbing bird ...
17 Jan 2006
Some of the 'friendly bacteria' found in yoghurt have been genetically modified to release a drug that blocks HIV infection, [email protected] reports today.
17 Jan 2006
Turkey culls 932,000 fowl; Nabarro Begs Richest Nations; Israel scare proves unfounded; £560m pledged to help poorer nations; Indonesian girl dies; Middle East on high alert; Iran readies for spread from Turkey; Situation in Turkey; Commissioner Kyprianou visits China; France learns from VN's experience
16 Jan 2006
Fourth Turkish child dies of bird flu; Is Bird Flu Overhyped?; Syrian border cities take precaution against bird flu; Cash set to help Kyrgyzstan, Turkey fight bird flu; Suspected bird flu case in Germany-newspaper; Bird flu review 'complacent'; UK investigators seize massive haul of suspected stolen bird flu;
13 Jan 2006
Turkish govt confirms 3rd bird flu death; $665m put up for bird flu aid; WHO says Spain's implementation of anti-bird flu measures; Bird flu strain 'could be mutating'; Porous borders add to Iraq bird flu fears; Turkey bird flu analysis complete; WHO: Avian Influenza Precautions will Suffice; Romania confronts possible first human case of bird flu
12 Jan 2006
Regulating cholesterol levels in the brain decreases levels of the Amyloid-beta peptide. This peptide is thought to be the causative agent of involved in the pathology of Alzheimer's disease.
11 Jan 2006
Results from a molecular analysis of a patient's biopsy, coupled with experimental data could help clinicians decide which EGFR targeted treatment will be more effective for the patient.
10 Jan 2006
Nature welcomes the announcement by the inquiry organised by Seoul National University concluding that the Afghan hound Snuppy was indeed a clone, as reported in Nature (Nature 436, 641, 2005).
08 Jan 2006
Panchgavya substances can be used to treat disorders such as arthritis, renal disorders, dietary disorders, gastrointestinal track disorders, acidity, asthma etc. Recently cow urine was granted U.S. Patents for its medicinal properties, particularly for bacterial infection and fight against cancers.
08 Jan 2006
Role of genomic instability and p53 in AID-induced c-myc-Igh translocations and Bile acids induce energy expenditure by promoting intracellular thyroid hormone activation
07 Jan 2006
Milk, ghee, dahi, urine and dung together are known as ‘Panchgavya’ (Cowpathy) in Ayurveda and have been found to cure many ailments of human beings and animals. However, due to dominancy of western culture on our minds, our precious ancient treasure of cowpathy has not got the due attention.
06 Jan 2006
The institute promotes extensive research into the link between physical activities and mental and physical development, physical education, sport science, performance analysis while the research center looks into Safety Exercise Threshold, sports-wear; ergonomics etc
06 Jan 2006
AIDS To Clinical Examination; Aids To Clinical Surgery; P. Ramlee di Cakera Nusantara; Dari Budaya Ke Media Mengangkat Suara Pinggiran di Sarawak; The Insects Of Borneo (including South East and South Asia); Physiology at a Glance
04 Jan 2006
Haemorrhagic septicaemia (HS) is a distinct bacterial disease of cattle and buffaloes, and is of economic importance in many parts of world.
21 Dec 2005
Researchers present the atomic structure of one of the parasite proteins that recognizes human red blood cells and facilitates parasite invasion into host cells. This should have a direct effect on both drug and vaccine development against malaria.
11 Dec 2005
Results indicated that abnormal p16 methylation is an early frequent event that can contribute to the development of gastric cancer and may be a very important biomarker for diagnosis of the disease.
07 Dec 2005
Mass screening has been a problem in many developing countries due to costs and lack of expertise. The NeuralMammo can help solve this. It is an artificial intelligent system to diagnose breast cancer based on images captured from fine needle aspirates.
04 Dec 2005
Researchers have found a way to explain how the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) can be kept dormant and hidden in immune cells.
04 Dec 2005
President Mubarak highlighted his government's commitment to supporting science as a means of promoting sustainable development and the importance of supporting and enhancing dialogue between nations and cultures.
30 Nov 2005
The meetings included the Conference of Parties (CoPs) of the Wetlands and Migratory Species conventions and a round table discussion on Avian Influenza where two important resolutions were passed.
30 Nov 2005
DataPap is the first database system that gathers patient's details, medical report and Pap smear images in a single database. It also has intensive search facilities, sophisticated image processing and automatic diagnostic functions.
27 Nov 2005
Adipose or fatty tissue appears to represent a potentially clinically useful source of cells for cellular therapy, tissue engineering and gene transfer applications
27 Nov 2005
The publication contains information on 133 native species distributed in the area, including names, common characteristics, taxonomic description, and uses of each species.
23 Nov 2005
A controversial vaccine that was the subject of a halted trial to prevent cognitive decline in Alzheimer's patients could have the potential to be reformulated to eliminate its toxicity while retaining the benefits.
23 Nov 2005
A practical approach for the isolation and molecular identification of bird flu virus from duck cloaca swabs submitted during the surveillance of bird flu in Malaysia.
16 Nov 2005
Summaries of newsworthy papers from Nature. Vol.438 No.7066 Dated 17 November 2005 including Optical telecommunications: Meaning from chaos and Development: A starring role for SCL in astrocytes
13 Nov 2005
Researchers from Universiti Sains Malaysia bagged 3 gold and 3 silver medals at the International Trade Fair (Ideas-Inventions-New Products) held at the Nuremberg Exhibition Center, Germany at which 600 products were showcased.


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