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Expert advice

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International research communications can seem like a Herculean task. We can't give you superpowers but we can certainly lend you our expertise and build confidence communicating with the media and public.



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Develop communication strategies to increase international visibility and refine your communication outreach. From in-house to press conferences and social media, we craft strategies that maximize coverage and engagement.



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One to one or in group, we work with you to develop and refine the skills you need. We can help researchers work on how to talk about their research to broader audiences, international media, interview skills and help press officers expand their skillset for international media outreach.

This is very, very nice! Very professional. I don’t have emoticons in my email, but I can imagine a standing ovation.
Edgard Rodriguez, Senior Program Specialist and Lead for Knowledge for Democracy - Myanmar (K4DM) Initiative
I am impressed by the writer's ability to grasp this difficult scientific topic.
Prof Ganesh Namasivayam, Institute For Integrated Cell-Material Sciences (iCeMS), Japan
"I have just listened to the Asia Research News podcast and it was brilliant! Really clear, well-structured, and made me want to read the report in more detail."
Sally Brunton, Operations and Development Manager, Kivu International
It's a good sign that when I'm super busy, your newsletter still encourages me to click on a story and I find myself engrossed in that, rather than doing the work I should be doing ;-)
Associate Professor Djuke Veldhuis, Monash University
We are pleased with the thorough service that Asia Research News provides and highly recommend them to researchers wishing to connect with international audiences.
Institute of Transformative Bio-molecules, WPI , Nagoya University, Japan
I think the article is well written by these folks, considering the otherwise 'dry' nature of the research.
Prof. Indraneil Das Universiti Malaysia Sarawak

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