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Expert advice

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International research communications can seem like a Herculean task. We can't give you superpowers but we can certainly lend you our expertise and build confidence communicating with the media and public.



Make your vision a reality

Develop communication strategies to increase international visibility and refine your communication outreach. From in-house to press conferences and social media, we craft strategies that maximize coverage and engagement.



Take your skills to the next level

One to one or in group, we work with you to develop and refine the skills you need. We can help researchers work on how to talk about their research to broader audiences, international media, interview skills and help press officers expand their skillset for international media outreach.

By consistently providing clear and compelling press releases, Asia Research News has helped us to popularize materials science research around the world.
Science and Technology of Advanced Materials Journal, Japan
Bravo! Long may the big jib draw
DS from Dublin Shore
“I believe this service would be very useful, inspiring and will motivate us to develop our institution, especially through more research activities and to develop new and innovative programs.”
Vice Rector, Universitas Airlangga, Indonesia
“We distributed copies of the magazine at the Canadian Science Writers Association annual conference, and everyone loved them!”
International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Canada
We are delighted to have IDRC-funded researchers’ innovative efforts to build knowledge, find solutions and improve lives showcased in this vibrant and informative publication.
Jean Lebel, President, International Development Research Centre
ARN's news monitoring reports helps me track new studies published by Hiroshima university's researchers It makes the research discovery aspect of my work easier.
Mikas Matsuzawa, International Communications Manager, Hiroshima University

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