Horizon Journal of Humanities & Social Sciences Research (JHSSR), eISSN. 2682-9096

Published: 15 Jun 2021 Institution: Horizon JHSSR Journal Contact details: Professor Nayan Kanwal 6121 W.J. Voaz Road, Fort Worth, TX 76169, Texas. USA [email protected] +1 (209) 302 9591 News topics: Education Health History People Academic discipline: Social sciences Content type: Announcement Website: https://horizon-jhssr.com/index.php JHSSR Vol.3 (1) July. 2021

JHSSR a peer edited through a blind review process, is aimed at those in the academic world who are dedicated to advancing the field of social science education through their research.

The Journal is that utilizes a national and international editorial board and peer reviewers, comprising of renowned scholars from various disciplines of research with diverse geographical backgrounds engaged with universities in 35 countries across the world. JHSSR aspires to advance research in the field of social sciences through a collection of quality, relevant, and advanced interdisciplinary articles in the fields associated with the scope of the journal. Published bi-annually, the journal encourages submission of manuscripts by lecturers, post-doctorates and scholars that use quantitative or qualitative methods. Articles combine disciplinary methods with critical insights to investigate major issues shaping national, state, and institutional contexts.