Professor Jong-Sung Yu

Jong-Sung Yu is a professor at the Department of Energy Science and Engineering, Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science & Technology (DGIST), South Korea.

The main goal of our Materials Science Research Lab is to understand how scientific processes are responsible for producing the interactions and measurements we observe. We use a combination of approaches and technologies that we have developed for use in our studies. 

Research Interest

Materials chemistry, nanomaterials, electrochemistry, carbon and porous materials, fuel cell, battery, supercapacitor, sensor and photochemical catalyst

Professional Career

1990-1991   Research Fellow, Ohio State University
1998-1999   Research Fellow, Pennsylvaia State University
2004-2005   Research Fellow, Northwestern University
2008-2015   Professor, Dept. of Advanced Materials Chem., Korea University
2015-Present   Professor, Dept. of Energy Science & Engineering, DGIST


Department of Energy Science & Engineering
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