Malaysia Technology Expo 2024 - Bridging Ideas and Innovations

Standing at the forefront of technological evolution, the Malaysia Technology Expo (MTE) 2024, taking place from 22-24 February at the World Trade Centre Kuala Lumpur, stands out as a crucial hub for innovation, inspiration, and intellect. We extend a warm invitation to everyone, from tech enthusiasts to industry experts, to join this impressive showcase of technological wonders and pioneering breakthroughs.

The Opening Ceremony will be officially inaugurated by YBhg. Dato' Ts. Dr. Hj. Aminuddin Bin Hassim, Secretary General of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation of Malaysia, on 23 February at 10:30 AM.

MTE 2024 transcends the conventional scope of an event; it stands as a thriving hub for collaboration, presenting unmatched networking opportunities and a fertile ground for potential investment prospects. Reflecting on the success of 2023, the event proudly hosted 5,014 visitors from 17 different countries, showcasing a remarkable array of 504 innovations.

Embrace the Future - Anytime, Anywhere

MTE 2024 redefines accessibility by adopting a hybrid format. Whether you are thousands of miles away or just around the corner, the digital access ensures you are part of this technological symphony. This inclusive approach signifies our commitment to transcending boundaries, fostering a global community of innovators and thinkers.

A Prestigious Collaboration

Organized by PROTEMP Exhibition and Conferences and supported by a coalition of esteemed organizations including the Ministry of Higher Education, Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, International Federation of Inventors' Association, Chinese Innovation And Invention Society (CIIS), Eurobusiness-haller, Indonesian Invention and Innovation Promotion Association (INNOPA), Iranian Top Inventors (IRTI), Japan Intellectual Property Association (JIPA), National Research Council Of Thailand (NRCT), The International Alliance of Innovation and Invention Associations (IAIA), Toronto International Society of Innovation & Advanced Skills (TISIAS), The Union of Arabian Academics (TUOAA).

Celebrating Innovation

The heart of MTE lies in its Innovation Awards - the International Innovation Awards, Asian Youth Innovation Awards, and Public Service Innovation Asia. In 2023, the event saw an impressive 425 entries vying for these coveted honors. This year, the momentum continues with 354 entries from China, Indonesia, Iran, Hong Kong, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Taiwan ROC, Thailand, Vietnam, Republic of Azerbaijan and Yemen received to date. These awards showcase a diverse range of groundbreaking innovations, embodying the pinnacle of creativity and diligence from their creators. The highlight of the event is the announcement of the winners – a moment that transcends mere recognition, serving as a beacon of inspiration for future generations of innovators. This ceremony is not just about celebrating achievements; it's about igniting the spark of innovation in all who attend.

Special Recognition by Supporting Partners

In addition to the main awards, our supporting partners will bestow Special awards, recognizing outstanding innovations that signify breakthroughs in technology and social betterment. This segment underscores the commitment of our partners in fostering a culture of innovation. The partners are

Hong Kong Pavilion - Where Ideas Meet Reality

The "Hong Kong Pavilion," supported by the Trade and Industrial Organisation Support Fund of the Hong Kong Trade and Industry Department and organized by the Hong Kong Software Industry Association, is gearing up for a notable presence at the Malaysia Technology Expo 2024.

This showcase aims to highlight the creativity and achievements of Hong Kong's ICT industry, demonstrating its competitive edge in innovation and fostering exchanges with global counterparts. The pavilion will feature over 20 high-quality products, solutions, and services, aiming to strengthen Hong Kong's position as "Asia’s ICT Hub."

Notable figures such as Ms. Denise Ang from PROTEMP Exhibitions and Conferences, Ms. Joey Lam from the Internet Professional Association, and Mr. John Li from the Hong Kong Computer Society will join Mr. Kenny Chien, Chairman of the Hong Kong Software Industry Association, for the opening ceremony.

This event is part of a broader initiative to promote Hong Kong's outstanding ICT industries in the ASEAN markets, with further stops including the 7th Indonesia International Smart City Expo & Forum.

Knowledge at Your Fingertips

MTE 2024 also features 3 days of enriching Tech Talks and presentations, open to all attendees at no additional cost. These sessions are not just presentations; they are conversations with pioneers, a chance to delve into the minds that are shaping our tomorrow.

Join us in this celebration of innovation and be a part of the movement shaping the future. Here, at MTE 2024, we converge, connect, and catalyze change, creating a dynamic environment for forging new partnerships and exploring future prospects. Your journey into the future awaits, replete with opportunities for growth, collaboration, and advancement!

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