MOA collaboration UPD
24 Feb 2012
A memorandum of agreement (MOA) was entered into by UP Diliman through Chancellor Caesar A. Saloma with the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) through Secretary Virgilio R. Delos Reyes and the Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP) led by its president Antonio Kalaw.
Ofelia Gelvezon-Téqui paintings
16 Feb 2012
An exhibit on new and recent works of renowned Filipino painter and printmaker, Ofelia Gelvezon-Téqui, formally opened on February 13 at the Atelyer, Bulwagan ng Dangal’s small gallery in the University of the Philippines Diliman.
15 Feb 2012
The University of Houston System (UHS) and University of the Philippines Diliman have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to further collaboration between the institutions through mutual cooperation and academic programs in instruction, research and development.
impeachment forum
07 Feb 2012
University of the Philippines College of Law holds forum on the impeachment’s law and politics.
University of Philippines intellectual property
07 Feb 2012
The Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPH) represented by its director general, Atty. Ricardo R. Blancaflor, signed a memorandum of agreement (MOA) with UP Diliman through Chancellor Caesar A. Saloma on February 1 for the creation of an Innovative and Technology Support Office (ITSO).
07 Feb 2012
Delegates from Dong-A University led by its president, Dr. Kyoo-Hyang Cho (fourth from left), paid a courtesy call to University of the Philippines Diliman Chancellor Dr. Caesar A. Saloma on February 1 at the Office of the Chancellor in Quezon Hall and discussed possible future collaborations between the two universities.
06 Feb 2012
The University of the Philippines Vargas Museum celebrates its 25th year through a series of exhibition and education programs in 2012.
sycip garden
22 Dec 2011
A tree-planting activity at the back of the Carillon Plaza on December 14 launched the Washington SyCip Garden of Native Trees (WSGNT), a project between University of the Philippines Diliman and Bridgebury Realty Corporation (BRC, developer of the Zuellig Building in Ayala Avenue, Makati City).
12 Jan 2011
Dean Michael Tan of the College of Social Sciences and Philosophy (CSSP), University of the Philippines Diliman, sums up the projects and priorities of his administration in one word: space, referring to several meanings of the word in his plans for the college.
12 Jan 2011
Strengthening bonds is on the agenda for Dean Aura C. Matias of the College of Engineering (CoE), both within and outside of the college, at the University of the Philippines Diliman.
12 Jan 2011
New College of Music (CM) Dean José S. Buenconsejo means to boost the University of the Philippines Diliman faculty of music's research agenda and expand its presence in the local community.
24 Sep 2009
The exhibition features the video installation by London-based Singaporean artist Erika Tan, to be exhibited simultaneously at the NUS Museum, and selected materials from the UP Vargas Museum art and library collections.
25 Jun 2009
In a recent study by pesticide toxicologists at UP Los Baños, the injection of neonicotenoid pesticides such as thiametoxam, imidachloprid and clothianidin in coconut trunks was found safe and effective in controlling the coconut leaf beetle (Brontispa longgisima).
15 Jun 2009
In simple rites held at the Institute of Plant Breeding (IPB), UP Los Baños yesterday June 10, Dr. Artemio Salazar, together with UPLB officials led by Chancellor Luis Rey I. Velasco presented the new YAP (Yield and Protein) corn variety to the Department of Agriculture (DA) Secretary Arthur C. Yap, whom the corn was named after.
09 Jun 2009
The Bioremediation Research Team of the National Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology based in UP Los Baños is currently conducting studies to rehabilitate several contaminated sites in the country. These include an abandoned mining site at Mogpog, Marinduque, and bodies of water in Bulacan.
02 Jun 2009
With focus on Jatropa, sweet sorghum and cassava, biofuel research and development is fast gaining momentum in the Philippines. Just recently, the drive to produce diesel fuel from renewable and non-food biodiesel feedstock such as microalgae has gotten a big boost.
28 May 2009
The University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB) has recently organized a group of biotechnologists and chemical engineers to conduct scientific investigations in a bid to produce ethanol from so-called 3rd generation biofuel feedstocks.
22 May 2009
Part of the 6,500 hectare land grant property of the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB) straddling the provinces of Laguna and Quezon is currently being developed into tree farms for biofuel, timber and agroforestry enterprises.
15 May 2009
The town of Los Baños in Laguna has one to vouch for a cleaner future with the promising results of a research project currently done by the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB).
08 May 2009
Limnology experts at the University of the Philippines Los Baños have turned themselves into little Noahs, building “arks” to provide a haven to our native and endemic freshwater fishes.
05 May 2009
The Philippines’ biosafety regulation procedures are not only costly, but take too long. These are the findings of a concluded study at the University of the Philippines Los Baños.
05 May 2009
To help fight ABTV and revitalize the Philippine abaca industry, Dr. Antonio G. Lalusin of the Institute of Plant Breeding-Crop Science Cluster (CSC-IPB) has developed abaca varieties that posses important fiber characteristics that are vital to the industry, and more importantly, have built-in resistance to ABTV.
29 Apr 2009
Biotechnologists at UP Los Baños are hard at work putting the final touches to the prototype of a wastewater treatment system that uses bacteria.
28 Apr 2009
A research project at the University of the Philippines Los Baños is underway to save from threat this freshwater fish. Dr. Pablo P. Ocampo of the UPLB Limnological Research Station has established a captive breeding program to save the 'ayungin' (Leiopotherapon plumbeus).
22 Apr 2009
Biotechnologists at UP Los Baños are gruelling at work putting the final touches to a prototype wastewater treatment system that involves the use of bacteria.
22 Apr 2009
UPLB experts recommended that Jatropha seeds should be dried to 4-5% moisture content and sealed in moisture-proof containers, to ensure little reduction in percent germination.
15 Apr 2009
Food technologists at the University of the Philippines Los Baños have identified local squash varieties that may be used for food processing.
13 Apr 2009
The extract from kasoy shell, a recent study revealed, can be potentially used against termites. This is according to findings made by a multi-disciplinary research team from the Institute of Chemistry-CAS and Department of Forest Products and Paper Science-CFNR at the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB).
07 Apr 2009
To help protect and conserve the country’s rich floral heritage, a project led by Dr. Nestor Altoveros of UP Los Baños has embarked on the collection and re-introduction of indigenous orchids in selected protected areas in the Philippines.
07 Apr 2009
At UPLB, Dr. Nimfa D. Montes of the Department of Agribusiness Management - College of Economics and Management recently reported that the application of technology related to endoparasite control resulted in significant reduction in death of goat kids, from 70% to 5%.


13 Nov 2008
The UP Jorge B. Vargas Museum will open Coalescence – Science and Art on 13 November 2008, Thursday, 6:00 PM at the Edge Gallery, a photo exhibition by Dr. Gil Jacinto, Professor of Marine Science at the University of the Philippines – Diliman.
04 Sep 2008
The Philippine Bird Photography Forum (PBPF) and the UP Jorge B. Vargas Museum (UPVM) are proud to present Bird Season, an exhibition of full color photographs of 100 bird species by PBPF members.
07 Aug 2008
To commemorate the 118th birthday of Jorge B. Vargas, and to coincide with the 2008 Summer Olympics, the UP Vargas Museum and Filipiniana Research Center opens Vargas the Sportsman on 07 August 2008 at the 3/F Memorabilia of the museum.
12 Aug 2008
Leading names in Philippine art banded together for this fundraising exhibit project. The exhibit will run from 12 August to 09 September 2008 at the Landing Gallery of the UP Jorge B. Vargas Museum in support of Ms. Susan Fernandez.
07 Aug 2008
Editorial cartoons and comic strips are powerful communication tools especially in print media, and nowadays even in the Internet. Invited panelists will address questions from the perspectives of the academe, the print media, and the visual arts.
04 Jul 2008
The artist will set the context of the Nicanor Abelardo Grand Piano Project by sharing insights on the piano making industry in the country and its demise, his experiences growing up in a piano workshop, and the collaborative processes involved in his past and ongoing projects.
26 Jun 2008
Severino “Nonoy” Marcelo was the only Asian cartoonist featured in Time Magazine for its cover story “Mighty Pens” for his bold commentaries on the current socio-political state of the country through his comic strips.
28 May 2008
Manila, Philippines - The IUC is the biggest bi-annual gathering of academics and social scientists in Southeast Asia. The theme for this year's event is "ASEAN as a Community: Solidarity in a Globalizing World."
14 May 2008
UP Diliman, Quezon City, the Philippines - The UP Centennial Lecture Series is entitled A Centennial Conversation: "Anthropogenic Global Warming: Beyond the Hype" by Dr. Perry S. Ong.
06 May 2008
This exhibit pays tribute to the workers' movement in the Philippines that continue to shape the country's history and its contemporary socio-cultural and political challenges.
18 Feb 2008
The UP Vargas Museum hosts Paz Tanjuaquio's artist talk and free dance workshop on 18 February 2008. Tanjuaquio is a choreographer who is co-founder and artistic director of TOPAZ ARTS, Inc., a contemporary dance company based in the United States and established in 2000 with composer Todd Richmond.
26 Feb 2008
Dramaturgical Revelations showcases genre paintings done by early 20th century Filipino artists. The works highlight the tensions evoked by everyday life by focusing on a specific moment and extending it, inviting the viewer to take part in its dramaturgical revelation.
08 Feb 2008
One of the country's most enduring literary masterpieces, Florante at Laura – written by 19th century poet Francisco Baltazar, also known as Balagtas – serves as the inspiration for an exhibition at the University of the Philippines Jorge B. Vargas Museum this February.
24 Jan 2008
The UP Vargas Museum (UPVM) in cooperation with the Philippine Association of Printmakers (PAP) will hold a free lecture-demonstration on printmaking on 24 January 2008 at the Landing Gallery of the UPVM at 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
15 Nov 2007
As a collateral activity for the exhibition FORM AND SUBSTANCE: The Works of Dean Honrado R. Fernandez, the UP Vargas Museum (UPVM) in cooperation with the Avellana Art Gallery host a talk entitled An Intimate Look Into the Life and Art of Dean Honrado R. Fernandez by his widow, Mrs. Josie Fernandez.
25 Oct 2007
The UP Jorge B. Vargas Museum & Filipiniana Research Center opens Tangláw: The University of the Philippines' National Artists for Visual Arts on 25 October 2007, 6pm at the Kawilihan Gallery (2F), part of its continuing contribution to the University's 2008 Centenary and the Intellectual Property Rights Week.
12 Oct 2007
The exhibit features Dean Fernandez’s works on formal and spatial patterns that explores the nature and qualities of spaces in art, architecture and urban design, as well as the subtle contrasts between natural and man made forms.
20 Nov 2007
Based on the recently published book, Japanese Pioneers in the Northern Philippine Highlands, this exhibition of approximately 60 photographs of Baguio's vibrant Japanese community illuminates a portion of Philippine, Japanese, and American colonial history that has come close to being forgotten. (Pictures available on request)
08 Sep 2007
In line with the Capul, palingnga kaw? exhibition, a lecture-workshop on the Abaknon dances will be held at the UPVM Basement A on 8 September 2007 (Saturday), 1:30pm. Dr. Francisco A. Datar will also briefly discuss the history of the dances and how each relate to the sociopolitical and economic structure of the Abaknon community.
03 Sep 2007
El Poeta del Color 's aim is to unravel Amorsolo's works and style of painting in terms of the social production of his art including their contexts in the academe, society and culture, and politics during his time. Its title was inspired by Jesus Balmori's " A Fernando Amorsolo " poem published in La Vanguardia in 21 May 1928.
03 Sep 2007
As part of the UP Vargas Museum's 20th anniversary celebration with the theme Color in Philippine Art, the UPVM features Excavating Bridges for Future Streams , an exhibition of the works of Australian artist Sean James Cassidy as inspired by the Sagada landscapes in the Cordillera region and the craftsmanship of its people.
29 Aug 2007
The exhibition features the uniqueness of the Abaknon, the people of the island-town of Capul in Northern Samar, as an ethnolinguistic group through the photographs taken by anthropologist Francisco A. Datar during the course of his fieldwork.
17 Jan 2007
UP Jorge B. Vargas Museum and Filipiniana.Net will be launching the book Fabian de la Rosa and His Times, with a short film premiere, at 6:30 pm on Wednesday, 17 January 2007 at the UP Jorge B. Vargas Museum & Filipiniana Research Center, Roxas Avenue, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City.
24 Nov 2006
Asia, Europe and Impressionism: International Workshop on Impressionism and Creativity from the Asian Perspective aims to examine the endurance and popularity of Impressionism and its persistence in both Asia and Europe.
15 Sep 2006
On view at the Amorsolo, Osias and the Philippine Readers Series exhibition are volumes of what were considered as one of the basic instructional materials during the American period – The Philippine Readers Series by Camilo Osias, with illustrations by the brothers Fernando and Pablo Amorsolo
07 Sep 2006
The UP Jorge B. Vargas Museum opens the Fabian De la Rosa (1869-1938) Retrospective Exhibition at the Kawilihan Gallery on 7 September 2006. This exhibition is a fitting and timely tribute to him, as well as in preparation for the UP College of Fine Arts and the University of the Philippines centenary celebrations in 2007 and 2008, respectively.
10 Mar 2006
Theme: "Seismic Hazards and Damage Mitigation in the Asian Region". ACEE 2006 will be an excellent forum for researchers, professionals, engineers, scientists and academicians to exchange ideas and experiences in the fields of seismology, earthquake engineering, seismic risk and disaster mitigation.
28 Jun 2006
The theme of the conference, “Bridging Opportunities and Competencies of Entrepreneurs for Global Markets” aims to bring papers containing original contributions on theories, practice, empirical studies, case analysis, and researches in all areas of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial management, and entrepreneurial education.
02 Mar 2006
The Philippines' potential to lead in information and communications technology (ICT) and Game Development is very promising. Currently, we are the preferred IT outsourcing candidate, second only to India.
08 Mar 2006
Ethical considerations underpin many of the major global issues facing the international community today – climate change, avian influenza and intellectual property rights, to name a few. Technological innovations have progressed at such a rapid pace that public debate on ethical issues has had trouble keeping up.


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