30 Oct 2007
The study examines the content of websites featuring prospective brides from the Philippines and Thailand. It explains how and why the representation of Thai and Filipino women on intermarriage websites involves power and violence thus creating unequal Third World-First World power relations that are embedded in international migration circuits.
23 Oct 2007
One of the keys to China’s food security in recent decades is the country’s development of high-yielding hybrid rice varieties, which helped pull millions out of the hunger of the 1960s. The new issue of Rice Today looks at the fascinating history of hybrid rice, documenting how China, with help from IRRI, has become the hybrid world leader.
18 Oct 2007
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – The world’s major rice-producing nations – including China and India – are calling for closer collaboration in efforts to feed Asia’s billions of rice consumers in the face of unprecedented new challenges.
18 Oct 2007
The University of the Philippines, Diliman in collaboration with the National University of Singapore, invites abstracts for the 8th ASEAN Inter-University Seminars on Social Development on May 28 to 31, 2008, Manila, Philippines. The theme for this event is "ASEAN as a Community: Solidarity in a Globalizing World."
08 Oct 2007
Hanoi, Vietnam – In the face of growing pressure on one of Asia’s most important food production systems, experts are warning that farmers must get more help to make them more efficient.
27 Sep 2007
Vientiane, Lao PDR – The International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) has announced the appointment of leading Australian agricultural scientist Elizabeth Woods as the new chair of its Board of Trustees.
25 Sep 2007
The dung-aw, the pasyon, and the panagbiag are three Filipino traditional practices that differ in form, purpose, and content. However, a research establishes the interrelationship of these three in constructing life histories which makes them elements of the pakasaritaan ti biag or the Ilocanos’ narration of life histories.
04 Sep 2007
The exhibition will feature photographs taken by anthropologist Francisco A. Datar during the course of his fieldwork at, as well as some ethnographic materials loaned from the island-town of Capul in Northern Samar, Philippines. (Pictures are available on request)
04 Sep 2007
The UP Jorge B. Vargas Museum and Filipiniana Research Center (UPVM) opened El Poeta del Color: Amorsolo in the Vargas Collection at the Kawilihan Gallery (2/F) on 18 June 2007, in time for the official celebration of the University of the Philippines’ 2008 Centenary, and will run until 7 October 2007. (Pictures are available on request)
30 Aug 2007
Nineteen species of arrow worms (chaetognaths) belonging to 3 genera were identified from samples collected along the Pacific Coast and the internal waters of the Philippines. The distribution of the species indicates that strong currents flow from the Pacific Ocean towards the Visayan Sea.
30 Aug 2007
Determination of the diet composition of 15 fish species in the Visayan Sea reveals unlimited food resources and a wide range of habitats available to fish communities.
30 Aug 2007
Researchers at the University of the Philippines have found that mass or individual selection may not be the best method for improving the traits for sea urchin populations. Genetic improvement of performance traits is important for growth, survival and economic gains to the fish farmer.
30 Aug 2007
Three management schemes were applied to mangrove forests in five municipalities in Lingayen Gulf. The schemes were successful in improving the mangrove forest conditions but encountered setbacks due to financial limitations and minimal community participation.
22 Aug 2007
The Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) has announced the appointment of Dr. Ren Wang as director of its global network of 15 research Centers.
03 Aug 2007
This study explores how the state defines “indigenous people” and determines their position in the Philippine society. Through cultural productions by indigenous performing troupes, cultural difference is established which also results to cultural brokerage. (Audio links are available).
03 Aug 2007
Bangka, Kaluluwa at Katutubong Paniniwala - Bangka is the general Philippine term for all kinds of seacraft. The rituals involving the bangka reveal that it is more than a water vessel in Philippine culture: it is a repository of an entire belief system in indigenous society.
30 Jul 2007
Various organizations and government agencies involved in the fight against HIV/AIDS in the country gathered to share success stories and challenges at a workshop that launched the latest Asian Development Bank (ADB)-funded project against the epidemic.
30 Jul 2007
Researchers in the Philippines have revealed that a fast and low cost photographic method is just as effective as the more expensive videographic method in assessing the condition of coral reef benthic communities.
25 Jul 2007
A microscope imaging technique for visualizing and analyzing semiconductor integrated circuits developed by a team of scientists from the University of the Philippines’ National Institute of Physics was awarded a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
06 Jul 2007
The latest from Rice Today, the magazine of the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI)
20 Jun 2007
The Philippine Intellectual Property Office issued last March 9, 2007 the utility model patent for the “Seaweed-based Air Freshener Gel” of Dr. Nemesio Montaño and Ms. Banaag Glorioso-Lajera. This utility model uses seaweeds as base material instead of the usual base in air freshener gels, which is carrageenan.
08 Jun 2007
An exciting new program just launched in Asia is encouraging some of the world’s best and brightest young scientists to consider careers helping developing nations, instead of taking jobs focused on the developed world.
11 May 2007
The publication “Finding the Missing Women: Trade Issues from a Gender Perspective” tackles the effects of trade liberalization and promotes gender perspective in its analysis in order to recognize the roles and needs of women in the industry.
11 May 2007
A study shows that the traditional fish/shrimp paste condiment, or bagoong, of the Philippines contains the beneficial omega-3 fatty acids. In its analysis, it was found that among the samples of bagoong, shrimp paste has the highest omega-3 content.
07 May 2007
A major international initiative is being launched to try to boost the income of the world’s millions of poor rice farmers and at the same time provide consumers with more nutritious, better tasting food.
04 May 2007
A faster and more effective way of applying titanium nitride coating on industrial tools developed by Dr. Henry J. Ramos of the University of the Philippines’s National Institute of Physics (UP-NIP) was awarded a Taiwan Patent on March 16, 2007.
02 May 2007
A study presents the habit formation utility function, particularly, the external habit model, as a resolution to the equity premium puzzle encountered in the estimation of the Consumption Capital Asset Pricing Model (C-CAPM).
26 Apr 2007
Los Baños, Philippines – World-class scientific facilities continue to play an increasingly important role in helping poor nations overcome poverty and food insecurity as well as handle new challenges such as the impact of climate change.
04 Apr 2007
Significant Finds from a Decade of Philippine Archaeological Research: 1996-2006 including the dating of early man fossils from the Tabon Caves, networking with foreign archaeologists in the SEA region, The Cagayan Valley Project and Hizen porcelain exports from Japan.
02 Apr 2007
Efforts by Indonesia to avoid food shortages by increasing its rice production have received an important boost with the signing of a new agreement to help the nation’s millions of poor rice farmers with new technologies.


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