Beijing Olympics - Experts in Sports

With the upcoming Olympics, Waseda University has put forward experts in Sports Science, Sports Business, Fan Behaviour, Coaching and Sports Medicine.

To contact any of these experts, please email [email protected] (Waseda University's Office of Information and Public)

Professor Munehiko Harada
Prof. Harada's major field of research is sport marketing, sport consumer/fan behavior and sport and local innovation. He is Chairman of Japanese Association for Sport Management and Asian Association of Sport Management.

Professor Yoshio Nakamura
Prof. Nakamura’s interest in Physical Fitness, Sports Medicine and Sports Science

Associate Professor Akira Ota
Assoc. Prof. Ota’s interest is in Sports Science

Associate Professor Keisuke Okuno
Assoc. Prof. Okuno’s interest is in Sports Instruction especially in the field of swimming and coaching science

Associate Professor Koji Kaneoka
Assoc. Prof. Kaneoka’s research is in low back pain, spine injury, sports injury, intervertebral disc degeneration and impact biomechanics. His papers have included titles like "The relationship between low back pain and competitive sports activities during youth."

Professor Takao Akama
Prof. Akama’s research is in Sports Medicine and Rheumatology

Published: 16 Jul 2008


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