Multimedia Conferencing system Version 5

MCSv5 is the World’s 1st and only IP based Multipoint-to-multipoint video conferencing technology (Software based)

Multimedia Conferencing system Version 5

Researchers :
Associate Prof. Sureswaran Ramadass
Azlan Osman
Dr Omar Amer Abdullah
Iznan Husainy Hasbullah
Normalini Md Kassim
Salah Noori Saleh
Phang Tze Shu
Usman Sarwar
Tan Che Wei


Multimedia Conferencing System version 5 or popularly known as MCSv5 is the most comprehensive multimedia communication solutions ever to ensure your virtual meetings are no longer virtual but as read as face to face meetings

The invention
MCSv5 is a truly multipoint-to-multipoint video conferencing solution for conducting desktop-to-desktop, boardroom-to-boardroom, desktop-to-boardroom conferencing.

Among the key features of MCSv5 include
- World’s 1st and only IP based Multipoint-to-multipoint video conferencing technology (Software based)
- MCS works in all existing networks. Bandwidth remains constant irrespective of the number of participants using the patented RSW control criteria
- Software based and uses non proprietary hardware
-Document conferencing
-Chat facility
-Real-time and full motion audio and video
-Video streaming of VCR movies and recorded meetings with mixed commentaries
-Global roaming
-Supports H.323
-Ease of use, no technical support required to operate

MCSv5 brings a while suite of functionalities together to ensure communication is carried to its maximum effectiveness. MCSv5 isn’t just a video conferencing solution as the name suggests, it is an integration of various mediums of communication bundled together i.e. audio, video, text, images, multiple data types transported together in a single carrier, which is IP.

MCSv5 enables affordable video conferencing solution to small medium and large sized businesses even home users without requiring an expensive up front investment in system components.

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Published: 14 Oct 2005

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Universiti Sains Malaysia 11800 Minden Penang

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