New cell-culture system ensures supply of 'Tongkat Ali' for the future of malaria and cancer treatment

'Tongkat Ali', a plant used for traditional medicine in Southeast Asia has also been proven to be effective for the treatment of Malaria and possess anti-cancer and anti microbial properties. The main problem is obtaining a sustainable supply of high quality roots. This research will ensure that this is now a problem of the past.

Assoc. Prof. Chan Lai Keng
Prof. Boey Peng Lim
Dr Luthfi Aziz Mahmud Siregar

Tongkat Ali has been proven to contain various bioactive compounds that are effective for the treatment of Malaria and possess anti-cancer and anti microbial properties . Many neutraceutical products, health tonic and various traditional medicines that contain Tongkat Ali are popular and widely sold in Malaysia.

The main problem that the manufacturers face is the sustainable supply of high quality Tongkat Ali roots. Another problem that they often encounter is the difficulty in harvesting the roots that grow deeply into the soil.

These have led to several on going problems for the neutraceutical industries including the variability in plant and product quality, variability in the concentration of phytomedicinally active components and the adulteration of neutraceutical products.

Our new invention, a two-stage cell culture system can ensure the sustainable and guarantee supply of high quality Tongkat Ali. The cells can be harvested within 14 days and produce 8-11 times higher content of the active compounds as compared to a mature root which takes at least 5 years to mature.

There are many advantages in our invented culture system.

1.Easy Mass production andsustainable supply of Tongkat Ali
2.Guaranteed high quality product
3.Save cost and save time
4.Production can be continuous and planned
5.Limited space required
6.Easy extraction of active compounds

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Published: 14 Mar 2006

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