04 Jul 2006
Jtst is a Java based automated unit testing tool that addresses many of the issues facing software testing.
03 Jul 2006
Physicists and chemists have got used to the concept of dual-use research and its implications–that knowledge, technologies and materials, which could be used to construct weapons of mass destructions, are tightly regulated for security purposes. Now, biologists too will have to get to grips with potential limitations on their research.
02 Jul 2006
Universiti Sains Malaysia researchers have invented a unique and novel system that can produce hydrogen inside a car using waste aluminium metal and sodium hydroxide.
27 Jun 2006
The application and utilization of agricultural and other domestic wastes through fermentation processes and enzymatic conversation are limited due to their low volume systems. Therefore, a good and reproducible solid-state fermentation (SSF) is badly needed.
26 Jun 2006
The main advantages of the desert are intensive sun radiation, wasteland and a very low population density. The main disadvantages are not only scarcity of water resources but also the high salinity, as well as frequently occurring extreme climate conditions.
21 Jun 2006
New procedures for mapping the regions responsible for controlling gene expression across the entire human genome are described in two papers in the July issue of Nature Methods. The resulting understanding should help researchers understand the genetic problems leading to various diseases.
21 Jun 2006
A circular phase separation tank/system, with inclined coalescence frustums for efficient removal of oil and grease and suspended solids from wastewaters, has been developed and tested.
19 Jun 2006
Information Technology in the Caribbean manufacturing firms: An industrial survey
15 Jun 2006
The AirWarn can immediately detect the presence of particulates air pollution in the air, classify it within minutes and alert the user.
06 Jun 2006
This paper examines the potential for improved water productivity in rainfed and irrigated agriculture as well as in the marginal drylands, with examples of on-farm water management, germplasm improvement and agronomic practices within an integrated natural resource management framework.
06 Jun 2006
Case studies in Iran shows that all agriculture management cases based on sustainable development, resulted in increased yield. Researchers in India show the integrated use of geophysical techniques for sustainable management of ground water
02 Jun 2006
The demand for new learning and training method has increased in order to cope with the development of dental technology as well as changing of oral disease patterns. These issues have masterminded the idea of creating an interactive, low cost, portable and experiential dental learning environment.
31 May 2006
Economic growth of a nation is closely related to its availability of energy. However, development of the Indian energy sector has been constrained by capital, technology, environment, and security issues arising from internal and external circumstances.
31 May 2006
Transmission services have to be provided as a separate item in a deregulated or vertically restructured electricity supply industry. Methods for transmission line fixed-cost allocation among the transmission transactions accounting for line capacity use are presented. The pros and cons of these allocation schemes are investigated and compared
24 May 2006
A totally allogeneic graft material that would eliminate the need for harvesting bone from patients has been produced. The experiment involved thirty-six critical size defects which were created in the bones of 18 rabbits. (Embargo lifted on 22nd May 2006)
24 May 2006
Two articles in the June issue of Nature Methods describe tools for the detection of large-scale structural rearrangements in individual chromosomes.
22 May 2006
The “Solid Waste-to-Fuel Gases Conversion System” converts basically any solid and plastic wastes to synthetic gasoline and diesel (the so-called “syn” gas) which can be used for energy and heating.
22 May 2006
JMP is the official journal of Association of Medical Physicists of India (AMPI). The association has been bringing out a quarterly publication since 1976. The main objective of the Journal is to serve as a vehicle of communication to highlight all aspects of the practice of medical physics.
21 May 2006
A solution to the problem of plasma instabilities that could threaten the commercial viability of fusion power is demonstrated by Todd Evans and colleagues in the June issue of Nature Physics.
17 May 2006
In Nature this week, Yoshitaka Taniyasu and colleagues report a light-emitting diode (LED) with the shortest wavelength of any such device to date, which emits deep into the ultraviolet part of the spectrum.
07 May 2006
FuzzyXPest is an intelligent mobile Pest Management System that enables farmers to forecast the pest activity level before it can cause too much damage to the rice field. FuzzyXteem a similar advisory system which enables teachers to measure students academic self esteem using real time computation.
04 May 2006
Global Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics (GJPAM) is an international journal of high quality devoted to the publication of original research papers from pure and applied mathematics with some emphasis on all areas and subareas of mathematical analysis and their broad range of applications.
04 May 2006
International Journal of Oceans and Oceanography (IJOO) publishes top-level work to covering all disciplines and branches of marine sciences; marine chemistry, marine physics, marine geophysics, marine geology and more..
03 May 2006
The properties of the holmium laser prevent the occurrence of these adverse events. We report the successful use of this technology in resecting the gland in patients on a permanent cardiac pacemaker implant.
02 May 2006
International Journal of Applied Chemistry (IJAC) is a peer reviewed international journal of high quality devoted to the publication of original research papers from applied Chemistry and their broad range of applications.
01 May 2006
International Journal of Dynamics of Fluids (IJDF) disseminates technical information in fluid mechanics of interest to researchers and designers in mechanical engineering.
01 May 2006
International Journal of Computational Intelligence Research (IJCIR) is a peer reviewed international journal with a key objective to provide the academic and industrial community a medium for presenting original cutting edge research related to computational intelligence and its applications.
29 Apr 2006
Article from - International Journal of Computational Intelligence Research Year : 2005, Volume : 1, Issue : 1
29 Apr 2006
Market survey showed that LidiMan was highly effective and entertaining in disseminating cultural infotainment (100% agreement). It has potential in education, entertainment, tourism and advertisement.
27 Apr 2006
The intent is to foster South–South cooperation on sharing experts, facilities, training scientists, and promoting the best practices among centres of excellence in sustainable dryland development across the vast CWANA (Central and West Asia and North Africa) region plus neighbouring dry areas in Western China, South Asia, and sub-Saharan Africa


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