12 May 2017
Hear from UNDP, Red Cross, WFP, USAID and BBC Media Action at Aid & Development Asia Summit 2017
Structure of a carbon nanobelt
11 May 2017
Chemists have tried to synthesize carbon nanobelts for more than 60 years, but none have succeeded until now. A team at Nagoya University reported the first organic synthesis of a carbon nanobelt in Science. Carbon nanobelts are expected to serve as a useful template for building carbon nanotubes and open a new field of nanocarbon science.
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10 May 2017
Cellulose nanofibers can help particles in ink and printed electronics disperse evenly, rather than spread apart like dried coffee rings.
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09 May 2017
A computer model that can ‘learn’ like a human brain could help water resource managers reduce damage in cases of extreme flooding.
09 May 2017
Harnessing the potential of big data to improve the security of Internet of Things devices.
09 May 2017
Study into spirals of magnetic spin showcases potential of layered materials for future data storage.
08 May 2017
The Department of Mechanical Engineering of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) has developed a novel bio-inspired nonlinear anti-vibration system that can significantly reduce vibration in various mechanic systems.
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08 May 2017
The Tohoku University research group of Professor Keiichi Edamatsu and Postdoctoral fellow Naofumi Abe has demonstrated dynamically and statically unpolarized single-photon generation using diamond.
08 May 2017
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) co-hosted a United Nations-supported international conference recently on the challenges and opportunities of ocean and coastal sustainable development under the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG) Agenda.
Inspiration from Steller's jay
08 May 2017
A Nagoya University-led research team mimics the rich color of bird plumage and demonstrates new ways to control how light interacts with materials.
08 May 2017
Exploiting the Potential of Technology towards Greater Public Service Delivery
05 May 2017
World-renowned innovators from higher education, government and business sectors will gather in an international summit in Hong Kong this summer to explore how to enhance universities’ impacts through innovative research and teaching for the benefit of the society and mankind.
04 May 2017
The search is on for 10 innovators under the age of 35 who will be presenting their groundbreaking work at EmTech Asia 2018.
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03 May 2017
A multilevel modulation format developed by University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus researchers shows clear advantage in achieving longer fibre-transmission distances.
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03 May 2017
Sensors are being used to increase the safety of seniors living independently in their own homes.
02 May 2017
The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)'s nanosatellite was successfully launched on an Atlas V booster aboard the NASA CRS-7 Mission on April 18 at the Kennedy Space Center.
02 May 2017
Inventing for a Better World
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01 May 2017
A new biological sensor can detect glucose levels in saliva more accurately and cost-efficiently than the conventional blood test.
01 May 2017
A rechargeable power source printed onto normal paper using a standard inkjet printer could pave a new way for a wide range of ‘smart’ objects.
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28 Apr 2017
Adding photoacid to a special kind of melted polymeric crystal allows better and switchable proton conductivity. This could lead to new materials for memory, supercapacitor and transistor technologies.
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28 Apr 2017
Cloud storage services, like Dropbox and Gmail, may soon be able to better manage your content, giving you more storage capacity while still being unable to ‘read’ your data.
28 Apr 2017
There is still time to apply for the 2017 World Water Week Journalist Grant!
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27 Apr 2017
An innovative "Smart Scar-Care" pad which serves the dual functions of reinforcing pressure and occlusion has been designed by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) to treat hypertrophic scars from burns, surgeries and trauma.
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27 Apr 2017
Affordable gas sensor setup developed by Tohoku University team monitors trace levels of health-indicating chemicals, paving the way for future non-invasive studies.
25 Apr 2017
Template modification could speed up the fabrication of sensing substrates and other novel structures.
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21 Apr 2017
Researchers in Hong Kong have developed a novel surgical robotic system that provides tactile feedback and is capable of single-incision and natural orifice (incision-free) robotic surgery. The system minimizes surgical trauma and is safer than currently available robotic systems.
A schematic of a biosensor platform resembling a spider web
21 Apr 2017
A research team in Korea develops technology which is 20 times faster than the existing biosensors using micromagnetic pattern of spider web. The technology can be used for early diagnosis and recurrence diagnosis of diseases such as cancer.
Fertilization in plants.
21 Apr 2017
Discovery of parental factors that lead to asymmetric division of the zygote.
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20 Apr 2017
Mass production technology for silicon based ultraviolet (UV) light sensors, suitable for smartphones and wearable devices in the Internet of Things (IoT) era, has been jointly developed by a research team at Tohoku University and SII Semiconductor Corporation, a semiconductor manufacturer at Seiko Instruments Group.
20 Apr 2017
A new technique for investigating the action of molybdate on carbon steel could lead to safer treatments for protecting metal alloys.


08 Aug 2006
The 2006 International Conference on Business IT (BIZIT 2006) aims to bring together academicians, researchers, and developers interested in exchanging ideas, innovations, and experiences in the areas of Business Technology.
20 Jun 2006
The aim of MICRA 2006 is to further the advancement of knowledge in all aspects of construction and to keep members in touch with the latest information on construction management.
09 May 2006
The main objective of this conference is to provide a forum for engineers, academicians, scientists and researchers to present the result of their research activities in the field of Computer and Communication Engineering.
07 Jul 2006
Internal Conference organised by Institute Of Research, Development and Commercialisation (IRDC), UiTM Shah Alam for all research conducted in 2005
18 Jun 2006
The ISNEPP 2006 audience comprises researchers from R&D organizations and academia, government policy makers, and industry and industry bodies.
19 Apr 2006
Developing rural communities through ICT requires the networking of expertise in a variety of fields, and working together towards a common goal.
10 Mar 2006
Theme: "Seismic Hazards and Damage Mitigation in the Asian Region". ACEE 2006 will be an excellent forum for researchers, professionals, engineers, scientists and academicians to exchange ideas and experiences in the fields of seismology, earthquake engineering, seismic risk and disaster mitigation.
02 Mar 2006
The Philippines' potential to lead in information and communications technology (ICT) and Game Development is very promising. Currently, we are the preferred IT outsourcing candidate, second only to India.
08 Mar 2006
Ethical considerations underpin many of the major global issues facing the international community today – climate change, avian influenza and intellectual property rights, to name a few. Technological innovations have progressed at such a rapid pace that public debate on ethical issues has had trouble keeping up.
17 Feb 2006
This 2-day forum highlights recent NLP researches of the College of Computer Studies, DLSU, and provides seminar/workshops on the English and Filipino languages, translation and discourse analysis. The focus of the symposium is on "Building Language Tools and Resources."
23 Mar 2006
The meeting is organized within the theme of low cost technology for water treatment, and also preserving the environment by improving water management policies and reducing water pollution through adequate water treatment technologies.
14 Mar 2006
Incoroprating Seminar on 'Transgenic Plants: A Challenge to Natural Farming and Nature Survival' on March 14, 2006.
14 Jan 2006
Site characterisation traditionally relies on closely spaced boreholes, which is relatively expensive when compared to the use of subsurface geophysics used in conjunction with a few boreholes.
02 Dec 2005
Theme: Advanced technologies for building sustainable society
25 Feb 2006
Human and Nature – Working Together for Sustainable Development of Dry Lands
28 Nov 2005
Among the sub-themes include: sustainable development and water management, public awareness, water education, socio-economic and legal issues, the environment, engineering, modelling and traditional water management
15 Dec 2005
The 3rd International Symposium on Biotechnology will create and disseminate the fast growing knowledge for better learning in Enzyme technology, Biochemical Engineering, Fermentation technology, Tissue Culture, Genetics and Bioinformatics.
14 Jul 2005
The annual activity of the Department of Science and Technology showcasing the results of researches conducted and services being offered by the Councils and its attached agencies.
03 Jul 2005
3rd International Conference on Materials for Advanced Technologies (ICMAT2005) and the International Union of Materials Research Societies' 9th International Conference on Advanced Materials (ICAM2005)
16 Nov 2005
Both MICC and ICON will provide a forum to discuss the innovations and recent advances in communication and computer metworks.
23 Oct 2005
International Union of Radio Science, universally referred to as URSI (Union Radio-Scientifique Internationale), is one of 25 Scientific Unions, which adhere to International Council for Science (ICSU).
13 Dec 2005
The objective of this workshop is to bring together researchers to promote interactions and discussions on selected aspects of the physics and technology of semiconductor devices.
03 Oct 2005
The APCC 2005 provides a technical forum for researchers and engineers from the Asia-Pacific region and other parts of the world to interact and disseminate information on the latest developments in advanced communication technologies and services
04 Dec 2005
The 17th Asia Pacific Microwave Conference (APMC 2005) will be held in the Suzhou International Conference Hall, Suzhou, China, in Dec. 4-7, 2005.
05 Sep 2005
This conference will bridge computational sciences and immunology with the theme: "Nurturing Immune-Based Computing for Wealth Creation and Technology Advancement"
22 Aug 2005
This International Symposium emphasises the usage of GIS as a tool for conducting spatial analyses and for aquatic sciences.
09 Jun 2005
The "2005 Euro-Malaysia ICT Cooperation Event" (or "EuroMalaysia2005") is an event organised at the initiative of the European Commission (DG Information Society) and of MIMOS Berhad.
11 Dec 2005
Field-programmable devices combine the flexibility of software with the performance of hardware and have become an important topic of research for universities, government, and industry worldwide.
20 Jul 2005
CIVR aims to provide an international forum for the discussion of research challenges and the exchange of ideas among researchers and practitioners in image/video retrieval technologies.
31 Oct 2005
The development of optimization techniques is pivotal in pushing technology frontiers in the eBusiness era. The goal of SJOM 2005 meeting is to bring together optimization practitioners and researchers in the areas of optimization theories and practices.


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