23 Jan 2017
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) opened its Humanoid Robot Research Center on January 19 at the KAIST Institute.
Hyper Tube
22 Jan 2017
UNIST signs cooperation MoU with KICT, KOTI, KIMM, KERI, ETRI, KRRI, and Hanyang University to accelerate the realization of futuristic transportation system, "Hyper Tube Express".
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20 Jan 2017
A Korean research team has developed water treatment adsorbent that can selectively remove water-soluble micromolecules. It is also cheap, easily synthesized and renewable.
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20 Jan 2017
A research team in Malaysia has invented a ‘dekoponix rack’ and a ‘home deco’ that will enable high-rise building residents to plant vegetables and other greens at home.
19 Jan 2017
The dynamic three-dimensional organization of chromosomal structure can profoundly influence plant gene expression
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17 Jan 2017
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) representatives will join high profile, multi-stakeholder dialogues with global leaders across the world to discuss higher education, science, and technological innovation.
17 Jan 2017
With the event anchored in Singapore, IoT Asia continues to chart the future for IoT in Asia by accurately anticipating the needs and concerns of the rapidly evolving industry.
16 Jan 2017
DGIST research team developed a technology to coat metal with several nanometers of semiconducting materials. This technology can be applied to solar cells, wearable devices, displays, and the like.
15 Jan 2017
Theoretical model reveals how droplets grow around tiny particles on a surface.
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15 Jan 2017
Rapid and cheap on-the-spot diagnoses for diseases such as tuberculosis and cancer are a step closer thanks to a new modular valve for microfluidic chips.
10 Jan 2017
International Exhibition & Conference on the Internet of Things - Transforming Businesses, Government and Societies
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09 Jan 2017
A process developed by researchers in Saudi Arabia prints high-performance silicon-based computers on to soft, sticker-like surfaces that can be attached anywhere.
09 Jan 2017
South Korea's undergraduate students win the grand prize at the Innovative Design Contest 2016 at the 16th Asia Design Engineering Workshop (A-DEWS).
09 Jan 2017
Streaming video over mobile networks could be greatly improved by smart prioritization of visually important data.
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09 Jan 2017
Three-layer nanoparticle catalysts improve zinc-air batteries.
04 Jan 2017
Researchers have verified that the mere presence of a cell phone or smartphone can adversely affect our cognitive performance, particularly among infrequent internet users.
04 Jan 2017
Seven technologies in the field of Broadcasting & Media, Hyper-connected & 5G Giga Telecommunications to be introduced such as wireless charging technology for a specific space; technology to acquire and reproduce super-multiview content; and international standards technology for healthcare and connected cars.
04 Jan 2017
A product design "Babyking" by Professor Yunwoo Jung of Design and Human Engineering at Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology has been recognized with the highest 2016 Spark Product Design Award.
Jaesung Lee 1
04 Jan 2017
A new study, affiliated with Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology has introduced a new artificial leaf that generates hydrogen, using the power of the sun to mimic underwater photosynthesis.
23 Dec 2016
A new open access database compiled by Korean scientists may help to combat RNA virus epidemics such as MERS and SARS.
Associate Professor Li Yingjiu
23 Dec 2016
Researcher from Singapore Management University is building better safeguards into the everyday technologies of radio-frequency identification (RFID) and mobile phones.
22 Dec 2016
Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute’s broadcasting and media technology has been globally recognized as a leader of related technologies around the world.
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19 Dec 2016
Researchers at Tohoku University have, for the first time, successfully demonstrated the basic operation of spintronics-based artificial intelligence.
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19 Dec 2016
Modeling the fluorescence enhancing capabilities of materials paves the way for more sensitive biological and chemical tracking technologies.
Fig. 1
16 Dec 2016
This novel AgIR® coating lacquer with complex nanomaterials is an effective far infrared absorber and UV blocker for agricultural greenhouse film. AgIR® lacquer has provided the agricultural greenhouse film its unique properties such as light diffusion, thermicity, stabilization against UV breakdown, blocking of ultra violet radiation and more.
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12 Dec 2016
Researchers in Hong Kong have developed the Smart Indoor Cultivation Platform that can be set up in urban buildings and save water consumption by 95% compared with conventional methods.
12 Dec 2016
Research at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Saudi Arabia, finds that silver atoms can be crafted into a box-shaped nanocluster by careful selection of ligand molecules.
Fig 1
08 Dec 2016
There is a strong connection between breast cancer and the high rate of breast density. These are cases wherein the patient has previously undergone mammography screening and been cleared as ‘normal’. A subsequent diagnosis of cancer indicates the failure of mammography to detect the breast cancer.
08 Dec 2016
UNIST Professor Joonbum Bae's tele-operation robot received a commendation from the Minister of Public Safety and Security (MPSS).


14 Jan 2006
Site characterisation traditionally relies on closely spaced boreholes, which is relatively expensive when compared to the use of subsurface geophysics used in conjunction with a few boreholes.
02 Dec 2005
Theme: Advanced technologies for building sustainable society
25 Feb 2006
Human and Nature – Working Together for Sustainable Development of Dry Lands
28 Nov 2005
Among the sub-themes include: sustainable development and water management, public awareness, water education, socio-economic and legal issues, the environment, engineering, modelling and traditional water management
15 Dec 2005
The 3rd International Symposium on Biotechnology will create and disseminate the fast growing knowledge for better learning in Enzyme technology, Biochemical Engineering, Fermentation technology, Tissue Culture, Genetics and Bioinformatics.
14 Jul 2005
The annual activity of the Department of Science and Technology showcasing the results of researches conducted and services being offered by the Councils and its attached agencies.
03 Jul 2005
3rd International Conference on Materials for Advanced Technologies (ICMAT2005) and the International Union of Materials Research Societies' 9th International Conference on Advanced Materials (ICAM2005)
16 Nov 2005
Both MICC and ICON will provide a forum to discuss the innovations and recent advances in communication and computer metworks.
23 Oct 2005
International Union of Radio Science, universally referred to as URSI (Union Radio-Scientifique Internationale), is one of 25 Scientific Unions, which adhere to International Council for Science (ICSU).
13 Dec 2005
The objective of this workshop is to bring together researchers to promote interactions and discussions on selected aspects of the physics and technology of semiconductor devices.
03 Oct 2005
The APCC 2005 provides a technical forum for researchers and engineers from the Asia-Pacific region and other parts of the world to interact and disseminate information on the latest developments in advanced communication technologies and services
04 Dec 2005
The 17th Asia Pacific Microwave Conference (APMC 2005) will be held in the Suzhou International Conference Hall, Suzhou, China, in Dec. 4-7, 2005.
05 Sep 2005
This conference will bridge computational sciences and immunology with the theme: "Nurturing Immune-Based Computing for Wealth Creation and Technology Advancement"
22 Aug 2005
This International Symposium emphasises the usage of GIS as a tool for conducting spatial analyses and for aquatic sciences.
09 Jun 2005
The "2005 Euro-Malaysia ICT Cooperation Event" (or "EuroMalaysia2005") is an event organised at the initiative of the European Commission (DG Information Society) and of MIMOS Berhad.
11 Dec 2005
Field-programmable devices combine the flexibility of software with the performance of hardware and have become an important topic of research for universities, government, and industry worldwide.
20 Jul 2005
CIVR aims to provide an international forum for the discussion of research challenges and the exchange of ideas among researchers and practitioners in image/video retrieval technologies.
31 Oct 2005
The development of optimization techniques is pivotal in pushing technology frontiers in the eBusiness era. The goal of SJOM 2005 meeting is to bring together optimization practitioners and researchers in the areas of optimization theories and practices.


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