Innovative evaluation and repair of thermal defects in aircraft composite structures project wins IES award

An engineering project team, has been awarded the Institution of Engineers - Singapore, Prestigious Engineering Achievement Awards 2021 in the Research & Development Category. The award was for their work on Replication & Repair of Hot Air Thermal Defects on Composite Aero-Structures.

The team was led by Dr Hamid Saeedipour of Republic Polytechnic’s School of Engineering, in partnership with three researchers Associate Prof Kheng Lim Goh and Dr Lai Wei Liang from Newcastle University in Singapore and Mr Swami Annamalai, who was previously at Republic Polytechnic.

The research provides several non-destructive evaluation approaches and innovative methods to repair hot air thermal defects in aircraft composite structures made of carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) without honeycomb core. The main aim of this intensive research work is to assess the defects accurately and to restore the major mechanical and thermal strengths of the repaired parts to their pristine status to use in aircraft.

Dr Hamid Saeedipour receiving IES award

The project’s goal was to replicate and assess in-service thermal damage induced by hot-air on composite aero-structures and to advance in the thermal defect analysis in a high technology readiness level (TRL).

Two horizontal and vertical thermal-defect generating machines were designed and fabricated to replicate hot air effects and to generate over 200 composite test samples exposed to various high temperatures to simulate composite damage due to hot air in flight.

This innovative technique will enable staff in Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul (MRO) centres to find the thermal damage severity and undertake composite repair in a more efficient manner.

Contact details:

Dr Hamid Saeedipour, School of Engineering, Republic Polytechnic
DID (+65) 66971017  |  Email :  [email protected]

Associate Prof. Dr Kheng Lim GohNewcastle University in Singapore
[email protected]