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Creation and Selective Functionalization of Virus-Like Polymer Particles
10 Aug 2018
Researchers at Tohoku University in Japan have collaborated with others to develop a simple way to create and functionalize virus-like polymer particles that have various nanostructures. The collaboration includes researchers from Michigan University in the USA and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany.
Expanding the limits of Li-ion batteries - title
07 Aug 2018
Scientists at Tokyo Institute of Technology and Tohoku University have addressed one of the major disadvantages of all-solid-state batteries by developing batteries with a low resistance at their electrode/solid electrolyte interface.
30 Jul 2018
Laser-scribed disordered graphene significantly improves sodium-ion battery capacity.
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26 Jul 2018
Superflexible aerogels are highly efficient absorbents, thermal insulators, and pressure sensors.
23 Jul 2018
The table groups molecules according to the nano-shapes they form.
18 Jul 2018
A membrane made of porous carbon-fiber structures grown on a porous ceramic substrate is more efficient at filtering seawater than existing similar membranes.
Professor Rodney S. Ruoff's research group
15 Jul 2018
An international team of researchers, affiliated with UNIST has discovered that folding is an efficient strategy to incorporate large-area monolayer graphene films on polymer composites and that doing so improves mechanical reinforcement. Their work has been published in the prestigious journal, Advances Materials.
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12 Jul 2018
Graphene coatings may offer the ability to control the water evaporation process from various surfaces, according to new research.
12 Jul 2018
Researchers control the self-assembly of molecules to form an ultralight, porous gel. This could lead to wide-ranging applications for construction, aerospace, electronics and the environment.
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09 Jul 2018
A research team in DGIST succeeded in discovery of a high efficiency organic image sensor which is expected to replace silicon image sensors.
02 Jul 2018
A research team from the State Key Laboratory on Advanced Displays and Optoelectronics Technologies of HKUST has developed a new Liquid-crystal display (LCD), which image resolution, energy efficiency as well as color saturation were markedly enhanced.
02 Jul 2018
A metal carbide within a hydrogel composite senses, stretches and heals like human skin for use in medicine and robotics.
Color change of pigment obtained by fusing spherical colloidal crystal and diarylethene
27 Jun 2018
Researchers at Nagoya University have developed a composite material that, by adjusting its composition and exposing it to different types of light, can mimic animals’ changes in color.
neural stem cell differentiation
19 Jun 2018
HKBU scholars invent award-winning medical device for safe growth of neural stem cells using nanotechnology.
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19 Jun 2018
Thermally twistable, photobendable, elastically deformable, and self-healable soft crystal gives a multifunctional, all-in-one material.
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13 Jun 2018
The field of solid-state ionics originated in Europe, but Takehiko Takahashi of Nagoya University in Japan was the first to coin the term ‘solid ionics’ in 1967.
13 Jun 2018
Light focused into nano-grooves in a gold film bonded to an atomically thin crystal flake produces a remarkable frequency doubling effect.
05 Jun 2018
The interface between two tin-oxide semiconductors can exhibit unexpected metallic properties.
25 May 2018
A professor, affiliated with South Korea's Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) has been awarded the James C. McGroddy Prize for New Materials by the American Physical Society.
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25 May 2018
Highly luminescent inks made from copper–iodine hybrid clusters with aggregation-induced emission.
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24 May 2018
Sustainable highly conductive electrode materials from ultrathin carbon nanofiber aerogels derived from nanofibrillated cellulose.
Professor Feng Ding and Dr. Jichen Dong
24 May 2018
An international team of researchers, affiliated with South Korea's Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) has unveiled that brittle diamonds can be bent and stretched elastically when made into ultrafine needles.
24 May 2018
An international team of researchers, affiliated with South Korea's Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) has discovered a novel method for the synthesis of ultrathin semiconductors.
Professor Noejung Park's team
24 May 2018
A team of researchers, affiliated with South Korea's Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) has demonstrated the possibility to induce and control a magnetic response in a nonmagnetic layer material though selective excitation of specific vibration of the material.
Next-generation of Annealing-Free and Flexible Organic Solar Cells
24 May 2018
A team of researchers, affiliated with South Korea's Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) has introduced the next-generation of annealing-free and flexible organic solar cells (OSCs).
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23 May 2018
Spotting signatures of potential pollutants made easier with quantum lasers that emit tunable infrared light.
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22 May 2018
Researchers utilize cellular proteins to shape silver nanoplates, suggesting an efficient strategy for controlling the nanostructure of inorganic materials.
Extraordinary plasticity appeared in darkness
18 May 2018
Researchers at Nagoya University find an inorganic semiconductor is brittle when exposed to light, but flexible in the dark.
11 May 2018
A fast and safe method to prepare a 3D porous material that mimics the shape of a honeycomb could have broad applications from catalysis to drug delivery or for filtering air to remove pollutants or viruses.
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27 Apr 2018
New carbon-dioxide-adsorbing crystals could form the basis of future biomedical materials that rely on the shape-memory effect.


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