Nature Communications


Figure 1. A nickel catalyst triggers the cross-coupling reaction between aromatic esters and boronic acids
29 Jun 2015
Making carbon-carbon bonds continues to be an important strategy to synthesize useful pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and organic materials. Chemists have expanded the scope of a Nobel Prize-winning carbon-carbon bond forming reaction by using esters and boronic acids as coupling partners in the presence of an economically friendly nickel catalyst.
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29 Jun 2015
Production of unique peptides for positive selection of killer T cells in the thymus
24 Jun 2015
A nanostructure design enables pixels to produce two different colors depending on the polarization of the incident light
05 Jun 2015
A Korean and Taiwanese research team has recently discovered strong evidence that zinc is associated with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and improves social interaction in mouse models with ASD.
20 May 2015
A research group led by Yusuke Yamauchi at National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) in cooperation with other research organizations in Japan and overseas, successfully developed a nanoporous gold material with a regular, uniform pore arrangement using polymers as a template.
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20 May 2015
Japanese researchers are studying quail to understand the underlying mechanisms involved in their breeding behaviours.
Morphology of the primary jaw joint in mammals and reptiles/birds
22 Apr 2015
Researchers at the RIKEN Evolutionary Morphology Laboratory and the University of Tokyo in Japan have determined that the eardrum evolved independently in mammals and diapsids―the taxonomic group that includes reptiles and birds.
07 Apr 2015
Researchers in South Korea have developed a novel photolithographic technology enabling control over the functional shapes of micropatterns using oxygen diffusion.
08 Mar 2015
Researchers in South Korea have, for the first time, developed a simple technique to produce a two-dimensional nitrogen-containing crystal that has the capacity to be a potential rival to graphene and silicon as semi-conductor materials.
Figure 1. A single-step APEX reaction to synthesize uniform nanographenes.
17 Feb 2015
The rapid and uniform construction of nanographene sheets has now become possible in a precisely controlled manner from a new catalytic system developed by a team of chemists at the Institute of Transformative Bio-Molecules (ITbM), Nagoya University and the JST-ERATO Project led by Professor Kenichiro Itami.
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03 Dec 2014
A research team in South Korea has developed a technology that can manipulate a polarized light in broadband operation with the use of a metamaterial.
Schematic diagram
11 Sep 2014
This breakthrough in quantum information processing was achieved using state-of-the-art diamond growth technology.
23 Feb 2014
RIKEN, the University of Tokyo, and NIMS succeeded for the first time in generating and visualizing electron spin vortex state "skyrmion molecules" with topological charge 2 within a thin film of "La1+2xSr2-2xMn2O7," a layered manganese oxide which is a ferromagnetic material with uniaxial anisotropy.
29 Jan 2014
Waseda University researchers have discovered a hormonal mechanism for controlling aggressiveness in male birds. The team hope this may lead to a method of reducing aggressive behavior in humans.
24 Jan 2014
(Tsukuba, 23 January 2013) Robust, highly conductive 3D graphene structures for use in super-capacitors, through a method inspired by blown sugar, created.
11 Sep 2013
An experimental demonstration of light scattering controlled by silicon nanoparticles augurs well for the development of integrated optical circuits
09 Jul 2013
A team of researchers from Japan has finally solved the riddle of the origin of the turtle shell.
02 Jul 2013
Korean researchers from Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) have developed a novel bio-inspired composite electrocatalyst which outperforms platinum, in terms of cost, production simplicity and has a longer cycle life reaching above 1000 cycles.
22 Jun 2013
A research team headed by Dr. Takashi Nakanishi, a Principal Researcher of the NIMS Organic Materials Group, Polymer Materials Unit, developed a full-colour tunable luminescent liquid material with excellent light stability based on an anthracene molecule, which is a general organic fluorescent dye.
12 Jun 2013
A new prototype random-access memory, which uses light for reading out information, is presented in this week’s online issue of Nature Communications. This memory has an exceptionally high write and read speed, a low energy consumption and good endurance making it a promising candidate in the quest for a “universal memory”.
27 May 2013
(Tokyo, 27 May 2013): Scientists at Tokyo Tech have developed a new self-assembled nanostructure that can survive very hot or saline environments.
30 Apr 2013
A research group at the International Center for Materials Nanoarchitectonics (MANA) of NIMS discovered an intriguing phenomenon in which an inorganic layered crystal expanded and contracted by 100 times its original size in a few seconds in an aqueous solution, displaying a behavior similar to a living cell.
25 Feb 2013
Kanazawa, Japan, 25 Feb - Researchers at Japan’s Kanazawa University have proven the existence of communicative signalling from female mice that induces male parental behaviour. The research was published in Nature and is described in the Feb issue of the Kanazawa University Research Bulletin
Bone tissue
09 Jan 2013
Korean researchers believe that the 'DJ-1 protein' can be used to promote the formation of new bone tissue in patients suffering from osteoporosis by improving communication between bone making cells (osteoblasts) and blood vessel (endothelial) cells. The research was published in Nature Communications.
20 Nov 2012
A metamaterial invisibility cloak that can adapt to hide different sized objects is demonstrated by in Nature Communications this week. The findings represent a useful advance for more practical applications of metamaterial cloaking. The research is led by Yonsei University, Korea.
28 Aug 2012
RIKEN, the University of Tokyo, and NIMS succeeded in forming a skyrmion crystal, in which electron spin is aligned in a vortex shape, in a microdevice using the helimagnet FeGe, and driving the skyrmion crystal with an ultra-low current density less than 1/100,000 that of the current necessary to drive magnetic domain walls in ferromagnets.
mouse 1
17 Apr 2012
Research group headed by Professor Takashi Tsuji demonstrates regenerating “functional hair regeneration from adult stem cells” Substantial advance in the development of next-generation of “organ replacement regenerative therapies”
02 Apr 2012
The University of Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan) and the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) announced on 6th March 2012 that an international research team led by Professor Takao Someya has succeeded in manufacturing the world’s first flexible organic transistor on a polymeric film.
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29 Mar 2012
A team of scientists from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University has made a novel discovery regarding the molecular structure of a protein that plays a crucial regulatory role in the “autophagy” cellular process. This breakthrough has paved the way for researchers to target “autophagy” for potential treatment of cancer and other diseases.


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