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racemic propargylic alcohols
13 Mar 2018
HKUST Scientists Find New Way to Produce Chiral Molecules which may Bring Safer and More Affordable Medicine
05 Mar 2018
New study shows that female hunting spiders do not respond to chemical signals given out by potential mates, preferring silk-wrapped food gifts instead.
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21 Feb 2018
A soft, stick-on patch collects, analyses and wirelessly transmits a variety of health metrics from the body to a smartphone.
Unprecedented single-digit-nanometer magnetic tunnel junction demonstrated
20 Feb 2018
Researchers have developed ultra-small magnetic tunnel junctions with high retention properties for use in semiconductor technologies.
All authors of the paper are from HKBU
08 Feb 2018
HKBU's smart globular macromolecular machine vehicle for actively controlled cancer drug delivery
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31 Jan 2018
A team of researchers from Hokkaido University and Kansai University has developed DNA-assisted molecular robots that autonomously swarm in response to chemical and physical signals, paving the way for developing future nano-machines.
15 Jan 2018
A research team from the School of Chinese Medicine (SCM) of Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) has developed the world’s first model framework and “LogicTRN” algorithm to accurately establish a gene regulatory route to analyse the genetic function and understand the biological processes.
Pollen tube guidance by LURE within the pistil.
29 Dec 2017
~ Solving the cocrystal structure of a pollen tube attractant and its receptor ~
26 Dec 2017
A research team from Korea succeeded develop mass spectrometry imaging system to analyze living biological samples in the atmospheric pressure environment at resolution of 3 several micrometers. The approach could be applied in molecular biology and medical diagnosis fields.
14 Dec 2017
The toxic nature of chemotherapy poses a great challenge to clinical treatment of cancer. A team of scholars from the School of Chinese Medicine (SCM) of Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) devoted their efforts to the development of a new generation of smart anti-cancer drug molecules.
Professor Baek
29 Nov 2017
A team of Korean researchers, affiliated with South Korea's Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), has presented a new synthetic protocol to produce three-dimensional porous organic materials in the blink of an eye, like firing bullets.
22 Nov 2017
Ten visionaries from Singapore, Australia and Taiwan honoured
Sulfur respiration in mammals
30 Oct 2017
A common sulfur metabolite having antioxidant activity appears to be formed with the help of an enzyme found in mitochondria, highlighting a potential area of research for future treatments of various diseases.
Ocean atmosphere rife with microbes
16 Oct 2017
Microbes are dispersed widely over the oceans with islands acting as stepping-stones to help transport of land-based organisms.
18 Sep 2017
The key to ultrathin high-efficiency sensors and solar cells could be materials covered with tiny trenches.
15 Sep 2017
A study on 22–18 million-year-old tidal deposits reveals insights on the significance of mangrove organic carbon sequestration in the South China Sea at geological time scales.
Improving earthquake resistance with a single crystal
05 Sep 2017
A new heating method for certain metals could lead to improved earthquake-resistant construction materials.
The small fish "Medaka"
05 Sep 2017
A research group from the National Institute for Basic Biology and Nagoya University in Japan found that color perception of Medaka, a small fish inhabiting rice fields and streams, varies greatly according to seasonal changes.
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21 Aug 2017
Researchers discover a new molecule, ‘Singheart’, that may hold the key to triggering the regeneration and repair of damaged heart cells.
Figure 1
10 Aug 2017
A soft, stick-on patch collects, analyzes and wirelessly transmits a variety of health metrics from the body to a smartphone.
A new synthesis route for alternative catalysts of noble metals
25 Jul 2017
Researchers have developed a new synthesis route for alternative catalysts of noble metals.
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24 Jul 2017
A new flexible material changes its porous nature when exposed to light.
Professor Guntae Kim 1
17 Jul 2017
South Korea's Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology has introduced new low cost, high efficiency hydrocarbon fuel cells.
A firefly's flash inspires new nanolaser light
16 Jul 2017
KAUST researchers predict that synchronized emissions from new on-chip lasers can produce artificial neural networks at low cost
06 Jul 2017
Korean researcher Sung Jun Lim suggests easy analysis method to identify the structure of semiconductor nanoparticles in solution only by measuring absorption spectrum. It is expected to present a new direction for the studies of the structure and the properties of nanoparticles.
A zoomed-up image of the atomic arrangement on the LiTi2O4 film surface
04 Jul 2017
Researchers have applied advanced scanning methods to visualize the previously unexplored surface of a superconductor: lithium titanate.
Professor and Professor Kwak's team
03 Jul 2017
South Korea's Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) has introduced, for the first time, the organelle-localized self-assembly of a peptide amphiphile as a powerful strategy for controlling cellular fate.
09 Jun 2017
DGIST-KIST collaborative research team identified the breathing movement of skyrmion, which up to now had only been theoretical. The future development of next generation communication devices with ultra-low power and ultra-high frequency based on skyrmion are expected.
Remote Detection of Hazardous Radioactive Substances 1
09 Jun 2017
A research team, led by South Korea's Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) has proposed a new method that might be used to detect nuclear hazards from up to a few hundred meters away.
The hidden order in DNA diffusion
07 Jun 2017
The movement of DNA molecules seemingly explained by random motion conceals a more orderly march.


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