05 Feb 2006
Micronutrients in child health; Child nutrition and growth; Management of diarrheal diseases; Advocacy and social equity; Helicobacter pylori infection in children; Facility-based management of severe malnutrition; Etiology of diarrheal diseases; Infant and young child feeding; Nutrition and child development and many more
01 Feb 2006
The Shido Bunko investigates Japanese and Chinese classical materials at home and abroad, the collection and arrangement of materials is microfilmed and digitalized, and the research by the bibliographical method.
26 Jan 2006
WCS has just released “State of the Wild” a 300-plus-page compendium of wildlife facts, figures and issues affecting the survival of wild species worldwide.
20 Jan 2006
Pleasurable Kingdom: Animals and the nature of feeling good; Viruses Vs. Superbugs: A solution to the antibiotics crisis?; One tortoise's tale of conservation, commerce, cloning, combat and collecting on the high seas; A refreshing polemic on the promises, pitfalls and politics of science - with cartoons!
20 Jan 2006
Keio Research Center for the Liberal Arts was founded in July 2002 in order to search for the ideal form and contents of the “liberal arts” to pass down to following generations.
19 Jan 2006
Keio University, Japan’s leading university, held an annual Science and Technology Exhibition on December 2nd 2005 which introduced its latest research achievements to the industries.
12 Jan 2006
International Symposium On Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine-from Bench to Bedside; One Day Seminar on Engineering and Environmental Geophysics
12 Jan 2006
G-SEC, has set up 3 Core Research Subjects (I) Studies on Global Innovation Systems, (II) Studies on Asian Security System and (III) Studies on Emerging Crisis for Human Security
10 Jan 2006
The IAHA is a loose network of historians and scholars whose geographic focus is Asia. Held every two years, the IAHA conferences provide Asian specialists an opportunity to come together and share the fruits of their scholarship.
07 Jan 2006
Alternatives to animal experiments in teaching and research; Ischaemia – Implications in veterinary surgery; Osteomedullography of tibia in dogs; A radiological study on barium enema in goats; An unusual intestinal foreign body in a tom cat and many more
07 Jan 2006
This biannual journal is published by the Animal Nutrition Association of India
07 Jan 2006
Milk, ghee, dahi, urine and dung together are known as ‘Panchgavya’ (Cowpathy) in Ayurveda and have been found to cure many ailments of human beings and animals. However, due to dominancy of western culture on our minds, our precious ancient treasure of cowpathy has not got the due attention.
06 Jan 2006
The institute promotes extensive research into the link between physical activities and mental and physical development, physical education, sport science, performance analysis while the research center looks into Safety Exercise Threshold, sports-wear; ergonomics etc
06 Jan 2006
AIDS To Clinical Examination; Aids To Clinical Surgery; P. Ramlee di Cakera Nusantara; Dari Budaya Ke Media Mengangkat Suara Pinggiran di Sarawak; The Insects Of Borneo (including South East and South Asia); Physiology at a Glance
05 Jan 2006
IJAPS is a scholarly, multidisciplinary, internationally refereed publication focusing primarily on Asia (South, Southeast and East), Australasia and the Pacific Rim regions of the Americas (North, Central and South).
04 Jan 2006
India is set to become a Developed Nation by 2020. Despite all the achievements made in the fields of science and technology, food front, industries, twenty six percent of India's population is below the poverty line with no security of any kind.
04 Jan 2006
For the past few years, the Institute has supported research projects on “Media Stereotyping,” “Power and Journalism,” “Internet Development and Civic Culture in Japan,” and “Content Distribution in the Asia and Pacific Regions.”
30 Dec 2005
The topics in this issue include small-scale illegal coal supply in India; Are minerals a blessing or a curse? Impact of education on economic development in Nigeria; Environmental economics in practice; Outgrowing the Earth: The food security challenge
30 Dec 2005
Published by Sher-E-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology – Jammu. Topics include organic farming, methane reduction strategies, impact of insect pollinators, studies in rape, rice, broccoli, cauliflower, fertility, soil and water conservation, efficiency of herbicides and many more.
21 Dec 2005
This report presents findings of a study conducted in 1997-2001 in the Syria Badia to test different water-harvesting techniques for improving vegetative cover.
21 Dec 2005
TWAS, the Academy of Sciences for the Developing World, has announced its 2005 prize winners. The annual TWAS Prizes, awarded in eight fields of scientific research, rank among the highest scientific accolades given to scientists in developing countries.
18 Dec 2005
The Institute investigates the nature of human cognitive capacities and socio-cultural interactions, adopting an interdisciplinary approach across humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences.
14 Dec 2005
A new e-journal to showcase the latest findings in fundamental and applied aspects of food research has been launched by Universiti Sains Malaysia.
14 Dec 2005
One of the most important findings of the research is that about half of supplemental irrigation amounts currently applied may be saved with only 10-15 % yield loss.
11 Dec 2005
Field-Programmable Technology; The Physics of Semiconductor Devices; Biotechnology; Migratory Waterbird Conservation
07 Dec 2005
The studies reveal that even in the dry areas, which are characterized by water scarcity, available water is not used efficiently for agricultural production due to farmers’ practices and prevailing policies on water.
04 Dec 2005
President Mubarak highlighted his government's commitment to supporting science as a means of promoting sustainable development and the importance of supporting and enhancing dialogue between nations and cultures.
30 Nov 2005
This report presents results of three studies conducted in Iran aimed at increasing and stabilizing rainfed wheat production using supplemental irrigation.
27 Nov 2005
The publication contains information on 133 native species distributed in the area, including names, common characteristics, taxonomic description, and uses of each species.


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