17 Aug 2006
The main theme of the symposium was “Designing the Future through Sports”, and the sessions focused on issues such as how sports contribute to our society and healthy living, and how we should engage in sporting activities.
11 Aug 2006
04 Aug 2006
In collaboration with the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Region V, a fisheries School-on-the-Air (FSA) cum training on Tilapia Culture and Processing was conducted to promote the culture and processing of tilapia and assess the effectiveness of the FSA cum training program being implemented by the Council.
01 Aug 2006
Based in Hanoi, CREDEP studies the biodiversity, conservation and sustainable use of medicinal plants and indigenous knowledge resources in Vietnam.
01 Aug 2006
The WorldFish Center invited its Philippine partner institutes to a consultative meeting to develop several project collaborations.
27 Jul 2006
The Central Asia Archeological Group (CAAG), with headquarters in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Central Asia Archaeological Group ( is a non-governmental and non-profit-making organization, established for joining up the best of the most progressive specialists in the field of history and archaeology research in Central Asia.
11 Jul 2006
Kogi State Council for Arts & Culture was formally established in 1995. The Performing Arts Department is the life wire of the Arts and Culture and is headed by Adavi Abraham, assisted by Mr. (Pastor) Joseph Itodo (Troupe Manager) and Mr. Ismaila Amidu is the captain of the Troupe.
06 Jul 2006
This book epitomizes the multidisciplinary expertise (linking economics, management, financial and cost accounting, and engineering) that electricity regulatory commissions must harness to effectively regulate the sector, despite high government ownership, strong utility–government linkages, inefficiencies, and weak commercial attitudes.
04 Jul 2006
The insect biodiversity in Borneo is so extensive that in addition to the thousands of species identified here there are undoubtedly many more thousands of undiscovered species new to science waiting to be described and named.
03 Jul 2006
Perspectives in Medical Education, Chromosomal abnormalities subdivide neuroepithelial tumors into clinically relevant groups, Serum insulin-like growth factor I in brain function and many more
03 Jul 2006
Child Survival in India, Immunological response to two hepatitis B vaccines administered in two different schedules, Zinc supplementation and serum zinc during diarrhea, Acute renal failure in neonatal sepsis and many more
03 Jul 2006
Acute effects of nitric oxide inhalation in ARDS, Adult basic life support, Diagnosing pulmonary embolism, Goodpasture's disease: A case report from South India and many more
02 Jul 2006
The diagnosis and management of pseudoseizures or psychogenic non-epileptic events, Psychiatric symptoms in neurological practice, Neurological legal disability, Spectrum of motor neuron diseases with HIV-1 infection and many more
28 Jun 2006
The Journal of Indian Association of Pediatric Surgeons, JIAPS, (ISSN 0971-9261) is the official organ of Indian Association of Pediatric Surgeons and is published quarterly. The journal publishes original articles, case reports, review articles and technical innovations.
28 Jun 2006
Neurology India (ISSN 0028-3886) is a peer reviewed, open access journal published quarterly by the Neurological Society of India.
27 Jun 2006
18th June 2006 marked the beginning of a unique radio programme called 'Kishor Vani'- the voice of adolescents. 'Kishor Vani' is a weekly half an hour radio magazine being created entirely by a group of rural boys and girls between the age of 12-19 years.
27 Jun 2006
Basic Engineering Geology For Tropical Terrain, Health Needs OF Older People In A Semi-Urban Village In Malaysia, Physiology At a Glance
25 Jun 2006
The Indian Journal of Palliative Care is an interdisciplinary, peer reviewed journal published biannually.
21 Jun 2006
The Old Kayan Religion and The Bungan Religious Reform, Mapping the People of Sarawak, Life In The Malay Kampongs Of Kuching, Fifty Years Ago, Changing Borders And Identities In The Kelabit Highlands, Voices Of The Crocker Range Indigenous Communities Sabah
20 Jun 2006
Vacancies available for experienced (native-speaker) Foreign Language Teachers in English, Mandarin, Japanese, Spanish, German, Korean, Arabic, Thai, French and Dutch.
19 Jun 2006
Antiaging therapies, Evolution of venereology in India, No association between seropositivity for Hepatitis C virus and lichen planus: A case control study, Achieving asepsis of banana leaves for the management of toxic epidermal necrolysis and many more
19 Jun 2006
The scourge of plagiarism, Orbital regional anesthesia: Complications and their prevention; Long-term anatomical and visual outcome of vitreous surgery for retinal detachment with choroidal coloboma, Asian experience with the Pintucci keratoprosthesis and many more
18 Jun 2006
Australian artist Tony Twigg will be a visiting research fellow at the UP Jorge B. Vargas Museum & Filipiniana Research Center. “Ian Fairweather in the Philippines” opens at the Lobby Gallery of the UP Jorge B. Vargas Museum on 27 June 2006.
18 Jun 2006
The exhibition focuses on part of the portraits in the Vargas collection. Portraits are considered by many as the highest form of art. Philippine portraiture was introduced be the Spanish colonizers in the 16th century.
18 Jun 2006
The exhibition focuses on the palette, an essential and indispensable art implement, in a different light. The country’s finest artists have translated their ideas on to it in this truly unique collection.
18 Jun 2006
Artist Jan Leeroy New opens his first one-man exhibit at the UP Jorge B. Vargas Museum on 6 June 2006.
16 Jun 2006
Why it is important to have a journal of respiratory medicine in the Gulf region?, Asthma care: Structural foundations at primary health care at Al-Qassim region, Saudi Arabia; Six minute walk test in respiratory diseases: A university hospital experience and many more
16 Jun 2006
The Development of Film Policy in Canada and Japan- From Cultural to Economic, The Impact of Ownership on Human and Budget Allocation: A Study of Local Japanese Newspapers, One Journey Through, Across and Around Communication and many others
13 Jun 2006
Shares in the Modern Corporation : A Comparison Between Malaysian Companies Act 1965 and the Islamic Perspective; The Right of Return : Its Application to Palestinian Refugees; Genetics And Law : Protecting Genetic Privacy....
11 Jun 2006
Irrational drug combinations: Need to sensitize undergraduates; Orphan diseases and drugs; Exploring Indian medicinal plants for antiulcer activity; Rimonabant: A new class of drug to fight obesity and many more


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