23 Nov 2006
The International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA), a non-profit international research center with staff from 45 countries, has an opening for a Science Writer/Editor, to be based at the headquarters in Aleppo, Syria
23 Nov 2006
A revolutionary free scientific recruitment initiative has been launched under the new brand of by Nature magazine, the premier science journal.
22 Nov 2006
In order to provide to the specialists and professionals from the developing countries a platform for an interactive dialogue, the NAM S&T Centre is organising a 5-day International Roundtable, jointly with the Centre for Disaster Mitigation & Management (CDMM) and Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT)
22 Nov 2006
Many developing countries are at the crossroad in understanding the implication of new policy contexts and create S&T policies that are interlinked with production and service sectors, competition and other national public policies.
20 Nov 2006
Members of the Tokyo University of Science teaching staff were among the recipients of the recent "Tetrahedron: Asymmetry Most Cited Paper (2003-2006) Awards".
20 Nov 2006
Professor Kenso Soai is the first Japanese national to be elected as an Honorary Member of Italy's Modena National Academy of Science, Letters and Arts. He specializes in research on asymmetrical autocatalytic reaction in the field of organic chemistry.
03 Nov 2006
Scientific benefits to the member countries of the Centre For Science And Technology Of The Non-Aligned and Other Developing Countries include participating in policy decision, financial support, news dissemination and many more
02 Nov 2006
The project aims to develop innovative alternative technologies that utilize pollution-free solar light energy as the most abundant, efficient and environmentally-harmonious energy resource. The TOSLEC-1, hosted jointly by Tokyo University of Science (TUS) and Nissan Science Foundation, was held at Tokyo University of Science.
01 Nov 2006
Tokyo University of Science (Chairperson, Board of Governors - Takeyo Tsukamoto) was awarded an AA- rating by the reputed American credit ratings company 'Standard and Poors'. AA- is fourth from top in long-term credit rating rankings. The outlook on this rating is stable.
01 Nov 2006
The Tokyo University of Science entered into Agreement of Cooperation with the University of California, Santa Cruz, USA, on September 1, 2006.
01 Nov 2006
The discussion focused on math and science teachers for primary and secondary education. The U.S. is facing problems due to the declining quality of teachers. This visit was to help find measures to improve the situation by discussing with professors who educate math and science teachers in the Japanese education system.
22 Oct 2006
The October issue of GRC's Economic Research Bulletin is focused on the GCC mineral and mining industry
20 Oct 2006
People around the world can access information about harmful introduced species easier than ever thanks to the September 2006 launch of a new website for the Global Invasive Species Database (GISD).
18 Oct 2006
The Asia Pacific Conference on Plant Tissue Culture and Agribiotechnology (APaCPA) 2007 will be a comprehensive professional platform to promote research in all aspects of basic and applied biotechnology, especially in the areas of plant tissue culture and agribiotechnology.
16 Oct 2006
Their expertise include Bamboo Management, Silviculture, Non-Wood Forest Produce Furniture, Mangrove, Forestry, Tissue Culture Horticulture, Seed Science, Microbiology Pharmaceutical, Drug Discovery, Natural Products Chemistry, Herbal Product Essential Oils, Wood Composite, Biomass Utilisation, Manufacturing Mechanisation and Automation
15 Oct 2006
LONDON – The International Journal of Surgery proudly announces the launch of its new open access website
12 Oct 2006
The International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA) is seeking a Human Resources Manager, who will be based at its headquarters in Aleppo, Syria.
12 Oct 2006
The International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA) is seeking an Executive Assistant to the Director General, who will be reporting to the Director General (DG), as well as the Board Chair on matters related to the Board of Trustees.
12 Oct 2006
The International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA) has an immediate vacancy for the position of an Agricultural Policy Specialist (P-level). The post holder will be based at ICARDA’s headquarters in Aleppo, Syria.
03 Oct 2006
International conference on S&T Policy Research and Statistics, International Roundtable on Lessons from Natural Disasters, Policy Issues and Mitigation Strategies, International Roundtable on Lightning Protection, International workshop on Medicinal Plants and Herbal Medicine
01 Oct 2006
The September issue of this international journal from Keio University is now available online.
01 Oct 2006
Abstract submission deadline is October 15, 2006. The conference will be held at the Islamic University of Gaza (IUG) from 18-19 June 2007. It will focus on important engineering issues relevant to construction and development, which will stimulate construction efforts and development.
24 Sep 2006
MINT’s R&D projects include decontamination of Cosmetics, Agrochemicals for Tropical Agriculture, Hydrogel, Bone Allograft, Study of Pesticides in Vegetables, Breeding of New Varieties of Bananas, developing new Radiopharmaceuticals and many more
21 Sep 2006
Activities in the latest technologies in Cement Manufacture & Construction, Plant Tissue Culture, Herbal Medicine, Surface Engineering Technology, Wireless Technology & MEMS, Prediction of Monsoon, Science Centres & Museums, Pharmaceuticals & Neutraceuticals, Crop & Forage Production using Saline Waters in Dry Areas and Coastal Ecosystems
20 Sep 2006
IDR aims to be the information center for major conflict in Thailand and internationally, to conduct research and management training in areas of natural resources, environment and public policy dispute cases.
14 Sep 2006
The workshop, supported by AIT, IDRC, and Rockefeller Foundation, will examine existing policies on bio-innovations in the region, identify existing research gaps and recommend a strategy for information sharing, learning and partnering.
10 Sep 2006
The main point of departure for this study is that since the 1980s, changes in the international oil market have greatly lessened European dependence on oil supplies from the Gulf. The security of oil supplies became less pressing compared to maintaining stability in the Mediterranean.
07 Sep 2006
The TWAS Council announced the names of the eight scientists from developing countries who will receive the 2006 TWAS Prizes for their outstanding contributions to the advancement of sciences.
04 Sep 2006
Proceedings of the International Conference on Water Values and Rights held in Ramallah, Palestine. It contains 55 peer-reviewed papers regarding : Water Resources Management, Wastewater management, Water: Development, Strategic Planning and Regional Cooperation, and Water Rights and International Water law
29 Aug 2006
Susumu Onishi, former president of Elsevier's health sciences division Excerpta Medica, has joined MMC in Tokyo as consultant director to help build the Japan unit under the leadership of Antoine Bocquet, director of MMC in Japan, who also retains his position as Associate Director of Nature Publishing Group (NPG) in the Asia-Pacific region.


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