20 Nov 2005
The Central Laboratory for Agricultural Expert Systems (CLAES), Agricultural Research Center, Cairo, Egypt, organized a workshop on “Utilization of Intelligent Systems for Plant Protection” on 25–26 October 2005.
13 Nov 2005
Researchers from Universiti Sains Malaysia bagged 3 gold and 3 silver medals at the International Trade Fair (Ideas-Inventions-New Products) held at the Nuremberg Exhibition Center, Germany at which 600 products were showcased.
26 Oct 2005
Dr Taej Mundkur and Dr. Sharifah Syed Hassan
23 Oct 2005
This URSI General Assembly will be held in New Delhi in 2005. Around 1000 delegates (inclusive of 150 young and talented scientists) from different parts of the world in the telecommunication sector are expected to participate in the event.
23 Oct 2005
The September issue of The Keio Journal of Medicine is now online.
18 Oct 2005
Prof Setsuko Aoki, Dr Ken Jimbo and Prof. Naoyuki Agawa from Keio University, Japan
16 Oct 2005
The conference will bring together scholars, researchers and practitioners working with language, communication, and culture across all fields of inquiry.
14 Oct 2005
USM bagged 8 gold medals, 6 silver medals and 2 bronze medals as well as 2 special jury awards namely the Special Award for ICT and the Special Award for Best Joint Venture.
12 Oct 2005
New journal launched at
09 Oct 2005
Prof. Dr M.A. Miyan is the founder of South Asian Disaster Management Center (SADMC); Prof. Dr. Mohammed Nasimul Islam worked for the UN as a forensic pathologist; Prof. Masahiro Fukaya is a Professor in the Faculty of Policy Management
09 Oct 2005
New free full text journal launched at
08 Oct 2005
Earthquake Engineering, Architectural Structural Engineering,
05 Oct 2005
R & D in animal health is the major activity of VRI, with special emphasis on livestock of economic and public health (zoonotic) importance. It also spearheads R&D of novel vaccines and biologicals for veterinary use.
05 Oct 2005
Ergonomics, Geo-spatial Informatics, Environment, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, ICT
05 Oct 2005
Islamic movements, Security in Asia-Pacific, Global Security, Space law and International Law, U.S.-Japan Relations
02 Oct 2005
APCC 2005 will be held in Perth, Australia and the 4th Regional Training Course on Bioinformatics Applied to Tropical Diseases in Southeast Asia will be held in Bangkok, Thailand
28 Sep 2005
SEforum 2005 triggered an environment for social agencies, youth and budding entrepreneurs to embark on socially motivated business projects.
28 Sep 2005
Dr. Wirtz’s research focuses on service management related topics such as service satisfaction, customer feedback systems, service guarantees, and yield management. His research has been published in some 60 academic journal papers.
28 Sep 2005
Professor Earley is an expert in cross-cultural differences in how individuals work in organisations, multinational teams, negotiation and conflict, the role of face in organisations, and motivation across cultures.
25 Sep 2005
The work of MSSRF over a decade has generated innovative concept schools like Biovillage, Village Knowledge Centres, Virtual Academy, Village gene, seed, grain and food banks to address compelling issues of the poor and provide remedies.
25 Sep 2005
The theme of this year's conference is "Shadow Lines", which has to do with movement across borders, borders that may be understood in many different ways and in many different contexts.
18 Sep 2005
The courses aim to train young researchers on the tropical diseases of TDR portfolio (Malaria, Tuberculosis, Dengue, Leishmaniasis, Chagas’ disease, African Sleeping Sickness, Leprosy, Filariasis, Onchocerciasis and Schistosomiasis)
14 Sep 2005
Bringing together local immunology talent to create an internationally competitive focus for research, teaching and scholarship in immunology
14 Sep 2005
5th Annual Conference of the South East Asian Association for Institutional Research (SEAAIR)
24 Aug 2005
PCAMRD Confers 19th Dr. Elvira O. Tan Memorial Award
18 Aug 2005
Seminars to be held at Keio School of Medicine (Shinanomachi Campus) in August and September
18 Aug 2005
The Jonathan B. Postel Service Award was established by the Internet Society to honor a person who has made outstanding contributions in Internet services. Dr. Murai is the first winner of this award from Asia.
11 Aug 2005
Among the topics discussed were: Genetic Engineering, Radiological Emergencies and Nuclear Terrorism, Disaster Management, Marine Microorganisms, Banana Industry, Earthquake and Volcano Hazards and Weather Forecasting.
11 Aug 2005
Awards were given out for research in Mango and Woodwool while PCAMRD presented the latest technology in value-added products from tilapia, giant freshwater prawn, freshwater aquarium fish, vermicomposting, and tilapia broodstock in saline waters.
08 Aug 2005
Among the achievements of the women were outstanding research in harmful algal blooms, shellfish poisoning, red tide, innovative technology adoption and encouragement of women’s participation in fisheries.


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